Rhyan Grant thread - the return of the shit hair




We were so far ahead of the curve on this one.


The old bag I sit next to at work says mullets usually don’t look good but they do in this case. She has no idea who he is though


Corica said in his interview with the Fox Football Podcast that Grant is finding that guys love it but he is finding things harder with the ladies.


Imagine how tough it would’ve been if he was in the squad when The Notorious Pants Man was playing for us. There were no shit haircuts back then, were there!




Good to see him bring the debutant, Devlin, to The Cove last night. Was beside him in the victory salute as well and looks to have taken a mentoring/leadership role with him and inside the squad.
Powerful hair, powerful man!


He was back to his best tonight already. Superb performance. Get that Socceroos callup ready


I thought it usually took close to 12 months after an ACL to get back to where you were before it. While he may not quote have the engine he did before, he was magnificent tonight.


Although he deserves it, I don’t want him anywhere near the squad after his injuries


Risdon isnt Mr.Engine at all


Massive shift from Grant (Sampson?) last night, not the least coming after 2 previous games on the road.


Risdon is the Aldi brand version of Rhyan Grant


We don’t want players missing for the Asian cup. There is no break in the a league


Good news: the hair is here to stay:


Grant: so good even Archie had to compliment him:

Edit: the title isn’t coming up properly but it’s all about Rhyan Grant being great this season.


The mullet named as a train on player for the Socceroos


Will he miss any games with this bullshit?


The games don’t clash with any of ours - so assuming not.


There is an international break in the HAL, right? Part of the reason no home games for such a long stretch.