Rhyan Grant thread - the return of the shit hair




Yep, but no break for the Asian Cup.


Fair enough really. To have no HAL for up to 4 weeks over the peak school holiday period because 3 or 4 players are at the Asian Cup would be stupid.


Yeah I agree. Obviously they did it in 2014, but that was because it was hosted here. More so making the point that if he were to make it in the squad then he might be out for a few weeks in Jan.


Didn’t realise it’s his 150th game.


So it was on mentioned on the Fox podcast that his middle name is Bert.
I’d noticed this on wiki, but tended to assume that was a bit of a jape. So is Bert correct?


Great little interview with him here, including a picture of the man himself on debut, shit hair and all:


Been promoted to the full squad for the Lebanon friendly




Makes you bloody proud. Such a good guy who absolutely deserves it.


Totally made up for the lad.


To see him in the Australian team is just amazing. Watching him in season 1 and especially season 2 of the youth league you could see there was a player.

To go through 2 knee injuries and still make it is awesome.


He deserves it after all the hard work and set backs he’s gone through. A great story for Sydney FC too.


Gave him a little congrats and a hi five yesterday after the game. Some bloke behind me screamed ‘smash the tards rhyano’. I think he had a little giggle at that


Nice shot of our Rhyan after the game.


Jeez, he only looks about 6.


Rhyan Grant: not a westie:


Grant will have played for us for ten years this weekend:

What are people’s favourite memories of Grant? The GF goal is the obvious one.


yeah I could watch that GF goal over and over, and I do sometimes.

It’s amazing he hasn’t tried his luck overseas. Maybe if he does well at the Asian Cup