Roadmap for SFCU improvement

Hi peeps, since the patreon drive has been so successful (Thank you !) I wanted to ask everyone for their input into what they’d like to see changed/improved/fixed/added.

This is for everyone who posts here, but obviously Patron’s requests will get more attention.

The primary thing on my list is implementing a mobile app version of the forum with granular notification capabilities so members can use notifications rather than emails.

I also want to start an effort to reinvigorate the forums by reminding people how much good debate happens here and why the forum is so much better than facebook for those conversations.

Do you guys know about the summary emails you can get? It shows the top 5 topics on the forums each week? I’m going to start posting that on social media each week to try to drive traffic.

Let me know what you want to see.

For me, I’d like a forum that is a forum and behaves like a forum in the manner I’ve come to expect forums to behave.

X amount of posts per page, a locatable forum home page.

This hybrid forum like a Facebook I find user unfriendly. Or possibly grumpy middle aged man who just wants tech to work like it did unfriendly.

I’ve no idea if that’s achievable.

The motorcycle forum I use has an order or two magnitude larger number of users and still operates in a traditional forum manner.

Is there a way to get a super plain view? Yes this is to make open office browsing easier.

And to be controversial, aimed at the Forte’s or this new Qouche, can there be a probation around the non-football threads. Most of us regulars are 90% on the football threads. Im not in love with blowins who just post political rubbish.

Let me know if I can help in any way.

There’s one thing that happened previously when this new software was first used but for some reason doesn’t work now. Twitter posts used to be well integrated but now they just post as links to the post. It would be great to have that back to how it was.

Personally I’m happy with this layout, it’s particularly good on game day.

This setup works really well on my phone.
I only use my phone 99% of the time.

I might be able to find a text only theme

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I’ve added a theme called minima which is mostly graphics free, select it in your account config and see if that’s better

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The ‘x’ posts per page doesn’t seem to be possible, it’s baked into the forum structure, but the 'locatable home page has always existed. or click the Cove crest at the top of the screen

Thanks - definately better!!!

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Before just a quick peak , now a bit more observant, discussions reading what peeps have to say , use my phone so yeah pretty quick responses etc …, always learning , this is great ,

Works well on my phone too - plus I do get notifications on my phone (I think they are browser notifications from Chrome, but they work very well for me).

I can’t really fault the site to be honest, It’s easily the most user friendly forum that I participate in, so hats off to @jubal1 and anyone else involved.


Can you make it look like outlook so I can have it open at work


I wish!

The cove crest takes me to a list of what looks to be cove forum only topics, the top one has a post made most recently in May.

I think categories takes me to what I mean, but I’m in a thread and posting it disappears.

I don’t get it, I’m seeing this on PC

and this on mobile

Is that different to what you see? if not you need to explain what you actually want

IOS 10.7.5 SO there’s a chance that this software is just way too advanced for this old computer to deal with.

I don’t know how to take a screenie on this computer. But I don’t get what I would define as a “Forum Home”.


At any point on that website I can click “Forum Home” and get back to a point where I can choose which sub forum I want to go into in order to browse. I essentially don’t browse this forum. I go to “unread” and if there’s 2 unread threads that I’ve posted in these get displayed, I read them and move onto the moto forum or insta or facie.

Occasionally I will see an interesting thread that I haven’t posted in but i general if I don’t post in a thread when it comes up as ‘new’ I might not see it again and therefore might never post in it thus never contributing to a rich tapestry of discourse.

The best way I can think of putting it is: This forum doesn’t operate like any other forum I’ve regularly used in the last 20 years.

I’ll see if I can log on at work tomorrow if I get a chance and see what it’s like on Windows 10.

But what you link to is almost identical to the screenshot that I posted, subforums on the left, content on the right, if you want unread threads, click on the hamburger top right and click on unread, if you want new, click on new?

I’m not being an arse but I cannot for the life of me fathom what it is you’re not getting, its fundamentally the same as every forum SFCU has ever had.

This is the mobile view of the forum you linked to

Forums listed on the left, scroll down to see them all

This is the mobile view of SFCU

Forums listed on the left, scroll down to see them all, subforums visible at this level and 3 most recent topics on the right, sure there are topics on the right, but every single bit of functionality for navigation is still there.

In fact if you use the hamburger menu,

you can see all of the forums, see lists of new and unread threads across the site or by individual forum, everything you mention is available. with a couple of clicks. Is it because the latest topics are on the top level forum list?

Is this better?

I don’t like it because it hides any indication of activity, but if that’s the consensus I can do that.

Ignore Hilly, he’s drunk - trust me, I am too…