Roadmap for SFCU improvement


Preferences > Interface > Default Home Page

There are a few different options for what you see as your ‘Home Page’. I would consider ‘Categories’ (like Jubal’s screenshot) as reasonably “traditional forum” styled.

I’ve got it set to ‘Latest’, which shows a feed of all threads with the various “subforums” behave more like labels (which can be filtered) rather than discrete sections of the forum.

Maybe that setting is the cause of the confusion?


I’m not very tech savvy, but work things out, pretty straightforward the set-up , I reckon , in dark mode, easy on the eyes
So yeah thxs everyone involved @SFCU ,keep up the great Work :facepunch:

It just doesn’t work for me like that. Not on here, not on my phone.

That was it.


Are we able to add cup holders?

In all seriousness, the forum is absolutely amazing and I don’t see anything major that has to be changed! :slight_smile:


I guess the only thing left to do is to contribute make a donation…

I thought of something, nothing major. Some profile photos look clear when you click on them, but they look really blurry otherwise (mine for example). Not sure if there is a way to improve that - or can you suggest a better photo size to use that will look clearer?

Hey Jubs.

Maybe a livechat during each game? Not sure how you do that or anything but it might be fun.

Also, I would like to propose a new sub-forum called ‘The Zelic Zone’ where everyone can post their anti-vax feelpinions, crazy conspiracy theories, Trumpist hot takes and persecution complexes.

I am not a crackpot.

Some of the older heads may recall the ‘Noob Farm’, a short-lived, but hilarious, holding pen/sin bin for new posters and serial shitposters, corraling them into a padded cell to allow the rest of the forum to continue unsullied.


LOL yes I remember.

Is there a way to have a live chat using the forum software?

Would you need a live chat though? The forum is fairly similar to what the live chat would look like. It even tells you when someone is typing

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Yeah, tend to agree.

Do you mean live text chat, or voice chat? If the latter, perhaps creating a discord server and linking it to the match thread might work?

Live voice chat mmmmm…
Screaming out gooooooooooooooal so everyone in the Forum can hear it :grinning:

I was just talking about a text chat but it seems like I’m the only one interested so probably not worth it.

I end up just tweeting/following hashtags for games then coming into the game thread post-game.

Is there any point to twitter since they suspended my account?

Not really.

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This new forum is vastly superior to the old forum but there was one feature in the old forum that I miss.

When you went into a thread the old forum would tell you how many other people were also in the thread. This was handy for game day threads, if the game had kicked off and I went into a thread, and the only other person who was there was hillbilly, then you would not waste my time posting and could concentrate on watching the game free from social media distractions.

The advantage I could see of a live match chat would be that it would house the sort of fleeting thoughts/updates/reactions which are only really relevant in their specific time context, without burying other discussion which might still be relevant or interesting after full-time.

Perhaps less so for SFC matches, since we just bury pre-match discussion for that match, but consider like Socceroos/Matildas threads or other HAL matches.