Robert Mak Appreciation

Don’t do too many of these these days but Mak was sublime tonight. Been a clutch player a few times this season but the goal the celebration and the cornrr. Wrote himself into the awesome scenes of our club tonight

Was loving it at full time


He has finally hit his stride later this season, really a class above. I maintain that the weather messed with him in the Summer as at times he looked cooked but since the weather has cooled he has been phenomenal. Really hope we manage to keep him next year, tonight he also showed a lot of heart.

Yeah took his time to settle in but been class ever since. 10 goals and 2 assists on the wing is a great effort for a first season especially with so many clutch moments. He was absolutely up for it in the second half and in that period of about 45-60mins when we well on top but not creating enough, he was the one trying to make it happen.

Continues our strong Slovak right winger connection- Karol, Holosko, Mak.


He’s looked a completely different player since international duty…

Probably the cooler weather helps too.


If he can somehow adjust to the hotter months, he is going to destroy this league next season.

Also worth pointing out that Filip Holosko struggled in the first season with us, and ripped it up in 2016-17 when we deleted the league.


We should move to a winter comp, just so we can keep signing Eastern European players and get better value out of their first seasons.


I liked it when he scored against the wanderers


Get ready for the Mak attack.


A king was anointed last night. All hail King Mac the first!


He really does have that dawg in him.

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Some nice quotes here from Mak. Interesting bit about the team having a meeting after the last derby loss.

“To win at their stadium, I think no one expected,” Mak told reporters on Monday. “They were so confident they were going to have an easy game – but we showed them our character.

“The way we came out for the second half was totally amazing. I think they didn’t have one shot on the goal in the second half, they couldn’t pass their halfway line, too. We absolutely (were) dominating, we deserve it.

“If you look at the game, you can say it was all about Sydney FC… other than penalty, they didn’t create anything. If someone watched the second half, it was one team on the pitch all second half. They were in our box maybe two times in 45 minutes. We absolutely dominated, we deserve it. Especially when you win there, it feels amazing. We really enjoyed it – and we don’t want to stop.

Mak says, much like his own individual form, the Sky Blues’ dramatic turnaround in form has plenty to do with the honest conversations and tactical tweaks that took place after the deflating 4-0 defeat to the Wanderers at home.

Across the games that have followed, Mak claims the Sky Blues have been the best team in the competition.

“We changed something,” he said. “We had meetings (and said) we needed to change something after the 4-0 when we lost. It was really a big disappointment for us to lose the Derby 4-0 at our stadium. But when you look at it today… we won there on Saturday night 2-1, and this is I think more important than that game.

“We (found) some ways to change our tactics, let’s say, and it’s working really (well the) last games. We’re scoring lots of goals, we create a lot of chances, we are dominating on the ball.

“What I can say now: in the league, the last four or five games, we play the best football in the league.”


I thought Corica never changed anything ever though?

Then again he never said Corica was actually part of the meetings.

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Biggest change is Burgess as a no. 10? He is the first player who seems on the same wave length with Mak - apart from Lolley sometimes. Burgess gets Mak into really good diagonal darting runs by moving the ball to him very quickly at unexpected and ambitious angles. Or it might also have to do with Alf back in form at CF.

He seems to have that next level of quality, where he can just flick the switch and decide it’s goal time.

All hail the new Slovak King

Interesting to note that the A-League has only seen 3 Slovak imports, with all 3 being Sydney FC legends. Maks pretty much a legend now.

Thus, its high time the Sydney FC board create a permenent scouting link with all the Slovak Club.

I am open to changing the clubs name to FK Slovak Sydney.




Well Serbney is dead so I’m all for it.

Magic People Karol Kisel, Big Fil and now Bobby Mak. That’s quite some hit rate.


Bin all this Mervale food shit, petition for the club to only serve schnitzels, potato pancakes and kapusta.


Only if he does something about that fucking hair.

Dear Slim, I wrote you but you just ain’t callin’