Robert Mak Appreciation

At least he knows what colour looks good on him


So many Return Of The Mack references , so little time.

It’s a very very long off season you know…

I guess his time here has Maked out.


He’s been left out from the squad for the pre-Euro camp (he’s not even ‘waitlisted’) so it might be a game over for his national team career.

That’s a shame. I was going to pick Slovakia as “my” team in the upcoming tournament.

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Well, that’s just a Mak in the face.


The news hits you like a Mak Truck

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I wonder what made the Slovakian manager think he Mak’d up so badly.

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Mak around and find out.



Confirmed today as Slovan Bratislava player.

(It was also confirmed that he got omitted from the Euro squad, because he complained to the press about Slovak national team manager.)

Sad to see him go, but best of luck. Looks like he’s not fallen far out of the good guy tree.

Joined a team that plays in Sky Blue, nicknamed The Sky Blues and is the most successful club in Slovakia.

Why are they not an official sister club of ours? Barlow, get on the phone!

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Unfortunately in its present incarnation Slovan Bratislava is owned by a local oligarch, with his incompetent nepo baby son as general manager (standing next to Mak in the picture above).

You know that’s almost a description of us right?