Round 1 - Sydney FC vs Melbourne - 21/10/23

We’re back baby!

Going to be a long week waiting for this one but very keen.

Some big questions about whether we keep our cup run squad or make any changes here. Particularly Wood and Gomes.

Really keen for Gomes to start. Surely has 60 mins in the tank.

Haven’t got my season pass as yet, like most, I’m guessing.
The off-season is just not long enough.
Don’t forget the club email with a PDF version from a couple of weeks back.

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I am so pumped, enthusiastic and optimistic heading into this one.

I cannot wait for it to be dashed by about 9.30 on saturday night.


Stoked the season is back.

Unfortunately, my husbandly duties require my attendance to not be at the game, however at my wifes best friends daughters 21st…

Fucking filthy.

So good to have the league back

I presume everyone will be drinking so you can either sneak out while everyone is hammered or turn up late and pretend you’ve been there the whole time.

mate, I left my own wifes 30th to attend a derby against WSW 10 years ago… put a bar tab on in Balmain… snuck out with a mate… cab to the match, we get beaten, cab back to balmain by 10pm… she thought we were in the front bar watching the game


It’s my wedding anniversary on Saturday night, and when I asked her where she wanted to spend it she replied “Bay 223”

I knew I married a keeper all those years ago.


I considered it.

Except I’m also on parenting duty, and the party is out at Luddenham.

I’d need to take out a second mortgage for the cab fare each way. No chance of me sneaking in and out unfortunately.

I’ve told her for 2 hours out of a party that’s probably going to go until the wee hours of Sunday morning I’ll be on my phone watching the game.

There is an outfield pun in there somewhere, damnit.


You at the German place out there? Meant to have amazing pork knuckle

Nah. It’s a house/farm party. Has a pool. Hopefully theres no fire ban. Had a party there when they renovated their place, and had a bonfire that would rival the Beacons of Gondor. We were throwing whole couches, mattresses, rolls of carpet etc on it. :rofl:

Haven’t heard about a German restaurant out that way. But I only wind up out there when we go see them.

Looks like an RSL club?

I’ve never been here either, but I keep hearing good things about this place.

Bohemian Euro German Restaurant - Camden |

For a different way of getting to the stadium for the Big Blue on Saturday night why not make like an SC Freiburg fan and try riding a bike?
Your match tickets include the cost of public transport, you can take your bike on the train, and with Redfern station now featuring a new concourse with lifts, it is the ideal hub for riding the last 3.5km to the stadium.
We are leaving Redfern railway station at 6.50pm, why not join us?
The route will be a combination of very quiet back streets, separated bike paths (Bourke Street) and shared (with pedestrians) paths. The pace will be easy (10-15kmh) and is designed to suit less experienced less confident riders who feel more comfortable riding with others on a route with next to no traffic. I promise you the train-bike combo (or just bike) is the most fun, most convenient, most efficient way of getting to the stadium.
You need a roadworthy bike (tyres pumped, brakes working) with working front and rear lights and a bike helmet. No special gear needed. Under 18s need to be with an adult. If you are tempted by the idea but have reservations, DM me; if you are keen to join, DM me and I will fwd details.


We cycled from Marrickville to games during the World Cup and it was actually pretty great - we might see you on the way :grinning:


I would, but I’m not sure how well I’d be able to cycle after a dozen pints. Pretty sue you can get done drink driving if you’re riding a bike drunk too lol

I’d love the idea, but last time I rode a bike I ended up shattering my wrist and about 6 months worth of rehab. Still remember lying on the hospital bench with pretty much every pain killer they could physically give me, as they pulled my hand out of my wrist…

Nice idea trying to get more people to do this. My wife and I have cycled to the last 2 weekend’s games and it’s been great getting to and from the ground. We actually go past that new Redfern concourse, so might see you on the way this weekend.