Round 1 - WSW vs Sydney FC - 20/11/21

We’re back!

Yeah this is being posted early but I’m really buzzed for the season to start so let’s go!

Any idea how our corner’s ticket sales are going? I’m super excited to be back in a pumping packed stadium

Edit: check out the match preview here:


We’re gonna get arse blasted!



Can’t believe the season is about to kick off, and I can’t wait for Saturday night!


I probably say this every season eve, but I honestly haven’t been this excited for a season kick off in forever!!!

I think it may also be the fact everything is revitalised with the P+/10, and thee is this weird sense of optimism around the league and football as a whole, that we haven’t had with Foxtel in a fair few years.

I’m hoping for a win. Hopefully Brosquey gets into the sheds pre-game during his P+ coverage, and fires the boys up mentally. We haven’t had that hungry edge since he left, and surprisingly, the Wanderers have.


Just saw a Sydney derby specific ad on Channel Ten. Unbelievable.


So keen for it to kick off.

Is there an idiots guide to signing up for P+ with our membership discount out there somewhere? Been holding off till the league started.

  1. Sign up to the deal purchasing through the link in the member email

  2. an email is sent with a code at the end of the day ( so don’t wait till the first game day)

  3. sign up to P+ and enter code in the payment section

We need minimum 6 more teams. This offseason is too long.

It’s not Wednesday!

Season jinxed!

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Let’s do this! So amped and ready

Wanderers 6-0 win. Swibel with all 6.

  • Canberra United Rams
  • Wollongong Wolves
  • Gold Coast United Sharks
  • Tasmania Tigers
  • Northern Territory Crocodiles
  • North Queensland Cassowaries

Shall I present my ideas for the B-League?



Can’t see us winning this one.

If we don’t win, then we need to seriously look long and hard at Corica and think about making a change

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Ive already started the global search!


Start assembling the panel of former captains


I believe the paper work required to fold the club has already been drafted. Just waiting until the loss for everything to be signed and submitted…

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On paper the Wests squad is incredibly good. How will they manage to get it wrong this year? Will be fun to find out.

Is there a James Troisi vaxx chant? Someone creative can do the legwork, I’m just an ideas man (James Troisi, your mum is a… ?).

Has anybody received their tickets yet from Ticketek? Nothing in my email yet. :confused:

I reckon Robinson will get punted mid-season after trying to sign more Avid Group clients to their roster.

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