Round 10 - 2019/20 Discussion

Friday 7:30 - Brisbane vs WU
Saturday 5:00 - Melbourne vs Wellington
Saturday 9:45 - Perth vs Wests
Sunday 6:30 - Jets vs City



Babbel to be sacked within 48 hrs of getting back to Sydney (west).


Draw - Roar generally bounce back to a certain degree


Also think this is Babbels last weekend employed in Australia

Hopefully his payout from Wests goes straight into the FFA coffers in fines.

Fuckin hell that’s a bad attendance.

Calver is playing as a wing back? Is Angel coaching?

How blatant does a (non handball) penalty have to be before VAR will get involved?

To be fair, I think Bess fell a little easily.

To be Fair, he was kicked in the back of the calf.

I’m not sure if that was a great pass for the goal or just piss poor defending.

Calver is a decent RWB when it counts.

He done good.

It feels like WU don’t deserve to be two goals up. It was all Brisbane for most of that half.

So many shithouse managers in the league this season, hard to pick the sack race winner. Babbel seems the front runner so far despite WSW sitting mid table. Kurz and Fowler are surely worth a look in though.

You gotta go Fowler purely on the lack of socks.


If Western Union sit any deeper, the entire team will be on the goal line.

This has been a tremendously shit half of football. One shot on target for this half and it was basically at the keeper.

Just watched highlights. Why the fuck was Jamie Young bothering to come up for a corner in injury time? At 2-0 down?

Actually, why the fuck do keepers EVER do this? Every time they go full hero, another outfielder takes up the sweeper position on half way, in this instance it was Courtney-Perkins. If Courtney-Perkins isn’t better in the air than Jamie Young then he may have made the wrong career choice.

Is it purely height as keepers are often tall cunts? Even so unless the outfielder in question is Valbuena or Hagi Gligor or that midget that plays for CCM, they still have to be better than the fucking GK, who should be the one of half way while all the outfielders go attack it.

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Rudan appears to have outdone himself again judging from some of the post-match nonsense. So glad that fuckwit is nowhere near our club. Credit to Fowler for the way he handled it in the presser.