Round 10 - Newcastle vs Sydney FC - 1/1/23

Pretty excited for a NYD game to be honest. I’m sure there’s going to be some pretty dusty people at this game though.

Bring some SPF 50+ :wink:

And some Berocca

Big floppy hat.

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Home win

We’ll bring the peach, Newy to bring the baguette


Shame Donachie isn’t suspended for this match. We may have had a chance.

Newcastle to win 3-1. ALF to score a controversial penalty. Donachie to give away a penalty and be off with the fairies for the other two.

Brattan to be sent off out of sheer frustration, having gone in on Mikeltadze.

Corica’s post-match presser to be along the lines of that we were the better team, but because we don’t have our full XI it’s hard.

Somebody gets subbed and when Steve Corica goes to shake their hand as they make a beeline for the bench the player to completely ignore and cold shoulder him, leading to mass speculation from the commentary team that Corica has indeed lost the dressing room.

Corica to be sacked less than 24 hours later, and replaced with ‘Robbie Stanton’ as interim. 2 weeks later, after a world wide search that includes offering jobs to Ante Juric, Dwight Yorke, and David Carney, the club brings re-signs Vitezslav Lavicka.



Would be happy if we just stop conceding dumb goals. It has become all too inevitable when we are without the ball.

A lot less dumb goals would be conceded without the likes of Donachie in the squad. Bloke is more directionally challenged than a blind pilot.

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Rodwell + Gurd at the back would be good to see. Burgess back as well and can hopefully continue his good form. Also Brattan back from suspension.

Who knows, with a bit of luck we could get a draw.

He will likely play Donahue over Gurd.

Thats what he did against City, right?
Gurd on second half when Rodwell doesn’t reappear

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Mark? He’s pretty fucking good.

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Posted from a phone and it fucking autocorrected damnit! I’d also say Phil.

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The team could do with a “Penske perfect” player

Does anyone know if the Cove is planning to walk out on the 20th minute?

Yeah, he’s a liability but without the ball our whole team looks lost. Need someone with a little presence to put a rocket up a few people for complacency.

Steady on. Rodwell hasn’t gotten on to the pitch for the first half yet. Have to imagine he’ll be injured again by Sunday morning.