Round 10 - Sydney FC vs Brisbane - 29/12/18

Another game that we should be winning if we are serious about being title contenders. Hopefully we’ll be coming off a high from the Perth win.

Should be gorgeous weather and school holidays, which may add up to a nice crowd number. Anyone got a pax?

I’m not sure 35+ degree temperatures are gorgeous for football.

It should be more like 25ish by kick off I would have thought. But yes, fair point.

Without Grant from here on out, so it’s either Retre or Brilliante to start there. Hard to predict Roar because Taggart is a brilliant striker but he has very little support around him.

Retre may start against Brisbane, but I fully expect Tratt to get game time at RB during January. In his stint at the nix he was the 2nd best attacking RB in the comp (behind Rhyan of course), he loved to bomb on and is the closest like for like replacement possible.

Tratt’s injury replacement will end when Warland and Jop are both back, but I wouldn’t mind betting he signs a full contract for remainder of the season. He was quite good at Nix, but I just can’t see us not just using Retre and Brilliante.

Yeah I’m imagining it will be Retre, he is just more match fit and knows the squad better.

Brisbane are a shocking football team, we should really be winning this comfortably if we’re serious.

Pax 3021 bought 19 Dec

I guess our crowds will plummet now without the Southern Expansion ‘Factor’

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Given memberships (around 13,000) are not included, Pax of 3000 some 10 days out is not bad. We may only get 50% of members (6,500) due at summer holidays absences plus say 5,000 Pax/walk-ups to give us 11,500. Not ideal but better than our numbers at 5 pm vs Nux.

Roar’s submitted squad for this includes their really shit Mikkelsen bloke who got found out hard in Wellington.

Sydney FC v Brisbane Roar
Sydney FC squad: 1.Andrew REDMAYNE (gk), 2.Aaron CALVER, 4.Alex WILKINSON, 6.Josh BRILLANTE, 7.Michael ZULLO, 8.Paulo RETRE, 9.Adam LE FONDRE, 10.Milos NINKOVIC, 11.Daniel DE SILVA, 13.Brandon O’NEILL, 14.Alex BROSQUE ©, 18.Jacob TRATT, 20.Alex CISAK (gk), 21.Charles LOKOLI-NGOY, 22.Siem DE JONG, 24.Cam DEVLIN, 25. Joel KING, 31.Luke IVANOVIC. two to be omitted

Ins: 21.Charles LOKOLI-NGOY (promoted), 24.Cam DEVLIN (promoted), 25. Joel KING (promoted)
Outs: 23. Rhyan GRANT (International Duty)
Unavailable: 3.Ben WARLAND (foot – 2 weeks), 5.Jop van der LINDEN (hamstring – 3 weeks), 12.Trent BUHAGIAR (ACL – indefinite), 19.Chris ZUVELA (knee – indefinite)

Brisbane Roar FC squad: 1.Brendan WHITE (gk), 2.Dane INGHAM, 4.Daniel BOWLES, 6.Avram PAPADOPOULOS, 8.Jacob PEPPER, 9.Adam TAGGART, 11.Eric BAUTHEAC, 13.Stefan MAUK, 14.Alex LOPEZ, 17.Matt MCKAY ©, 18.Joe CALETTI, 19.Jack HINGERT, 21.Jamie YOUNG (gk), 22.Tobias MIKKELSEN, 24.Connor O’TOOLE, 26.Nick D’AGOSTINO, 33.HENRIQUE, 36.Daniel LECK

Ins: 11.Eric BAUTHEAC (returns from suspension), 13.Stefan MAUK (promoted), 18.Joe CALETTI (promoted), 24.Connor O’TOOLE (promoted), 36.Daniel LECK (promoted)
Outs: 7.Thomas KRISTENSEN (not selected), 20.Shannon BRADY (not selected), 23.Dylan WENZEL-HALLS (not selected)
Unavailable: 10.Brett HOLMAN (knee)

They having some Fornaroli type shit up there? Last week Mauk left out, this week it’s Kristensen and Wenzel-Halls. The latter has looked pretty lively off the bench, maybe just paying the price for that soft as shite duck in the wall vs Welly?

Retre to slot in as Grant’s replacement and Devlin to take his spot on the bench?

Just saw that Aloisi has resigned, effective immediatley.

Aloisi has resigned


Darren Davies to take over for next game. Handy that they do that while I’m writing my preview for the game.

Jeepers that Club is a mess.

Mind you, it may present the dead cat bounces once/new manager scenario for Saturday night.

Still…big issues at the Roar…

“Upon reflection of the current situation, I have made the difficult decision to stand down effective immediately as I believe this is in the best interest of the playing group and football club.”

Jeez, that’s a turnaround from every other time he’s been under pressure and staunchly said how he’s a fighter / winner and won’t ever walk away from the challenge. Must be something going on.

We played Mariners last year two days after they sacked Okon and we only won 2-1 in the last minute. Can’t look into this too much.