Round 10 - Sydney FC vs CCM - 14/12/2019

While there’s an argument this is the best CCM side in a while, they are still bottom of the table and so we really should be winning this.

Also looking forward to a rousing chorus of 12 Mark Rudans in our last home game before Christmas.

I’d prefer 90 minutes of “we want you to stay” for Milos, only broken up by the odd “we’re taking the piss”.

Heads-up, I believe there is track work on the T4 line this weekend and am anticipating an absolute shitfight getting to Carlton by PT. I may actually drive and remain sober at a game for the first time since about 2011.

Surely the Mark Rudan song has been consigned to the scrap heap in view of his shithousery of recent years?






Considering people sung it when he was coaching against us last year, I wouldn’t be so sure. (deservedly we conceded during it)


Wishful thinking,it’d be nice to be 4 up at 60mins with a dual change of Trent/Luke combination getting a go.

Is this a good opportunity to make some headway in the Complacency Cup?

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Hoping Teague gets more minutes and a bit of faith in him. Dont think hed be feeling too happy with giving away the pen but he did look good on the ball from the few touches he had

Yeah, felt really sorry for him to have that happen in his first performance with the big boys.

Clearly a pen, but more “bad luck” than “dumb mistake” (in my view).

Perhaps a more experienced player might have avoided it, but it wasn’t something stupid like going in studs up and chopping down an obvious goal scorer.

I’m sure the team and coaching staff don’t see it as a problem, but he must have felt like shit that night, poor kid.

I’m sure the players remember last year,while the coach hasn’t forgotten. either.

The fluency developing from the class,can put together many scoring opportunities AND there’s sure to be a game where 4-5 could go in quickly.

The second 11,need minutes with ACL time approaching.

CC could be difficult to break down Or,they could hire the NorWest bus for the trip too.

With a win separating 7 teams anything is possible,there’s no so called easy games but some could end in substantial margins

Brandon out for this game too:

Sydney FC squad: 1.Andrew REDMAYNE (gk), 2.Patrick FLOTTMANN, 4.Alex WILKINSON ©, 5.Alex BAUMJOHANN, 6.Ryan McGOWAN, 7. Michael ZULLO, 8.Paulo RETRE, 9.Adam LE FONDRE, 10.Milos NINKOVIC, 11.Kosta BARBAROUSES, 12.Trent BUHAGIAR, 16.Joel KING, 17.Anthony CACERES, 18.Luke IVANOVIC, 20.Tom HEWARD-BELLE (gk), 21.Harry VAN DER SAAG, 23.Rhyan GRANT, 24.Marco TILIO, 25. Ryan TEAGUE, 26.Luke BRATTAN.

2-4 to be omitted

In: 24.Marco TILIO (promoted), 7. Michael ZULLO (return from injury)

Out: Nil

Unavailable: 3.Ben WARLAND (ACL), 13. Brandon O’NEILL (knee), 19. Chris ZUVELA (knee)

Another performance like last week from Retre, in Brannerz absence, will be welcomed. Fingers crossed though that it isn’t long term!

For a trusty stand-in, Paolo’s barely missed a minute all season.

He is a class player,last week was first time this season in his correct position…he’s copped some flak for his efforts at either side fullback, but when picked correctly he delivers.


Sucks because he was very close to getting his head on ALFs Hattrick goal, and indeed if you watch the backplay of that goal he busts his gut trying to create the run to the 6 yard box that creates the space for Alfie to tap home. He also played the tight pass in midfield that opened up space for Caceres to begin his run, too. So other than the pen I thought he was quite good in his cameo.

There is track work on the T4 line this weekend and public transport from Hornsby looks ridiculous.
What is the parking like on match day these days?

I can usually find spots in the streets surrounding the stadium without too much trouble.

I find if you park close to Kogarah station it’s no problem and it’s only a 15ish minute walk.

Thanks guys.