Round 11 - Brisbane vs Sydney FC - 6/1/24

Well Brisbane will have a new manager bounce here so that’s bad news.

Coming off an 8-1 loss, too. You’d think their discipline and motivation will be so much higher than the last game. I also think that if they continue to play out from the back, we could really squeeze them like we did with Welly.

Going for the men team’s first draw of the season. 1-1.

Comfortable 3-0 win incoming… huge optimism for 2024

same old shit for sydney

You’d have to expect a reaction from Brisbane. Being trounced 8-1, new manager. This could be a very tough game.

A draw is a high possibility, but a Brisbane win on the bounce is also entirely plausible.

I’ll say 2-2. We go up 2-1 with 15 to go, courtesy of Joe Lolley doing Joe Lolly things, and then we concede a sloppy goal in the 90+5th minute, probably roll through the legs of Redmayne after ricocheting off 2 Sydney players and the goal post.


Sydney in Brisbane?

That’s a SOO!

ARSEBLAST! That’s in Queensland!

Fucken bogey team especially in brisbane.But i reckon we’ll be up to it knowing we’re only 3 points out of the 6.

2-1 Sydney

Should be a win. Brisbane looked dicey under the press last time round it seems to be clicking. Expect a dozen more chances that could be squandered or finally taken to be the difference between a scrappy draw or a comfortable win

We are going TO DO the ass blasting

We’re gonna get Cahned.

Ufuk Talay has named a strong side for the journey up north to take on Brisbane under the guidance of their new coach Ben Cahn.

He welcomes Corey Hollman back into the squad after he missed out last week due to illness.

Matthew Scarcella is also promoted into the extended squad for the trip up north.

Importantly, despite limping off last weekend, Anthony Caceres is included in the team with Ufuk Talay claiming he will be touch and go for Saturday night’s clash in his pre-match press conference.

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I think you’re being optimistic that our backline would touch the ball even accidentally.

4-2 win to the goodies.

That’s good timing with Caceres a maybe, certainly there’s no way that Caceres plays out the 90 minutes. I would be happy to see a return to Brattan and Hollman in the midfield with Burgess partnering whichever striker we go with if he’s fit enough to start.

So you would drop JGR to the bench?

I thought we got the best of Brattan last weekend with JGR as his running partner. Wouldn’t want to mess with that.


The only clean sheet I know this season are the ones I borrow from someone else printer tray at work.

Brisbane 2 Sydney FC 3


You wipe with used TP?

Pfft. Be a greenie. Take a shit when you shower and waffle stomp that bad boy down the drain. :smirk: