Round 11 - Sydney FC vs Western United - 10/03/21

Hopefully we’ve been doing shooting training this week.

As much as it would be doing society a favour, I don’t think we are allowed to deal with Besart Berisha that way.


Kurto unlikely to start due to concussion protocols, so as long as our shots are on target we might have a chance of some going in.

That said, their backup keeper did pull off a few saves yesterday.

I would like us to win a game of football.

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Shame we aren’t playing Victory

We aren’t ready for them.

Calf - 1 week

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How long has that been now?

Would love to see Bobo/Kosta or Bobo/Wood to start this one.

Kosta is frustrating - he does everything really well until the finish. Some of his play with Ninko and Caceres was top quality.

I feel like Bobo/Wood would not work. Lack of involvement in the buildup and lack of pace. I think we’re far more likely to see Bobo play with Barbarouses, Buhagier or Swibel than Wood. There’s alot of minutes to be had for Wood though as the Bobo backup- starting games Bobo isnt able to and getting a good run off the bench

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Swibel & Wood, make it happen.

ZULLO (calf – 1 weeks)
BUHAGIAR (knee – 1 weeks)
ZUVELA (knee – 1 weeks)
PAVLESIC (GK) (collarbone - 1 weeks)
GRANT (haircut - 1 weeks)
BARBAROUSOUS (shooting practice - 1 weeks)
IVANOVIC (leg fell off - 1 weeks)


Can we just all admit that Kosta isn’t a striker, but actually a winger?

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For the last time he played in a front two with Toivonen the year we signed him. It can be done.


Narrator: It wasn’t the last time.


While that is true about Kosta, I don’t think this formation suits him at all. His best position is very much as a winger.

With Alfie playing very centrally, Kosta was able to make more wide runs last season and there was much less pressure on him to score. With Alfie gone, his shortcomings are exposed - and badly.

I can’t remember how clinical he was in his Melbourne days, but you’ve got to think his strike rate was better than it is now. Misses like the one on the weekend are killing us with our lack of scoring from elsewhere.

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All we need is a big bastard with GTFABM, straight out of a World Cup appearance. Eezy peezy.

Not expecting a big crowd, pax 1385

Does anyone know what the deal is with PT? The last few match day info emails from the club link through to pages that clearly state it is not included, but the back of membership cards state it is.

Couldn’t really give a fuck as usually hit the weekly Opal cap anyways, just curious if it’s related to Covid capacity or fixture rescheduling or… :man_shrugging:

First time to see Diamante in the flesh for a lot of us, as the only time we hosted them last season, in August, was with reduced capacity and under 2K were there.

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