Round 12 - Perth vs Sydney FC - 9/1/19

A midweek game against Perth, who still sit top of the table after a win against Brisbane. However, before the red card in that game they looked pretty pedestrian. Unfortunately, the same could be said about us against CCM. Still, we have had two extra days of rest so that’s a big plus.

It sounds like Brosque is keen for a rest, but I’m not sure this is the game for it:

A loss here could put us well behind in the title race. I’d be happy for SC to park a big sky blue bus in front of our goal even if it means the points are shared. However that’s not in our culture and corica will undoubtedly be going for the win

Ridiculous scheduling. Playing the same side twice in the league in such short period (less than 3 weeks) is bad enough before considering the fact that it’s the same host both times.

Reckon we’ll be changing the starting line-up for this. Brosque on bench, Siem up front, Retre at RW, and Tratty at RB.

Don’t think we’ll get a result in truth, Perth have a bit more fight than usual.

We’ll be fine. Haven’t lost in Perth since 02/11/13 (I believe).

Thanks Jinxy McJinxface.



With Brosquey saying he’s keen for a rest, I’m wagering this is how we’ll line-up against Perth.

My guess is Tratt came on at RB to both rest retre for a role higher up the pitch, as well as give him adequate time to prep for RB duty on Wednesday.

Decent option. I haven’t loved Retre at RB, so I’m open to something like this.

I’m not sure Corica would do that. I can’t see him gambling on Tratt in such a crucial game and it’s not like Tratt provides a whole lot more going forward than Retre. That said, I could buy playing De Jong up front and then starting De Silva on the right, who should be fresh.

Yeah I don’t mind that lineup. DDS back in the squad also gives a new dimension, alongside Brosque and Caceres all of a sudden we’re getting back to having a shit hot bench. :+1:

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Corica mentioned that De Jong would take Brosque’s position when he is rested at periods in January, so I think he’s nailed on for that spot. Agree that DDS will likely take De Jong’s spot and Retre stays at RB. But don’t forget that Caceres is also an option. Assuming he stays on the bench for now, we then have what has now become a good bench with Tratt, Caceres and Ivanovic all good options to come on, and that’s assuming that Brosque has a complete break, and isn’t on the bench.

I’m loving that Tratt and Ivanovic are playing well. I actually look forward to them coming on.

But you know what, screw it all and put Calver up front instead :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Brosque tratt Ivanovic caceres as the bench!

Looks good!

Yeah I’d think we’d swap Tratt for DDS in that

He has been shown up for pace and ball winning ability,he is much better further up the park.

DDS will start in that scenario

Huge game for our season, can’t wait for this one.

Keen to see SDJ up top with Alfie, could really do some damage on the likes of Djulbic.

Yeah, super keen to see how he plays in that position.

I just saw this on Twitter: Bat and Ball will be open past their usual closing time and there will be a jersey raffle:

I hope DDS starts, we’ve looked a little slow and sluggish in the final third at times this season. I think he could help solve that issue.

Ins/Outs for this round.

Perth Glory squad: 1.Tando VELAPHI (gk), 2.Alex GRANT, 3.Jason DAVIDSON, 4.Shane LOWRY, 5.Ivan FRANJIC, 6.Dino DJULBIC, 7.Joel CHIANESE, 9.Andy KEOGH, 11.Brendon SANTALAB, 13.Matthew SPIRANOVIC, 16.Tomislav MRCELA, 17.Diego CASTRO, 20.Jake BRIMMER, 22.Fabio FERREIRA, 23.Scott NEVILLE, 27.JUANDE, 33.Liam REDDY (gk), 88.Neil KILKENNY

two to be omitted

Ins: 13.Matt SPIRANOVIC (promoted), 16.Tomislav MRCELA (promoted), 27.JUANDE (promoted)

Outs: 15.Brandon WILSON (not selected)

Unavailable: 19.Chris IKONOMIDIS (international duty)

Sydney FC squad: 1.Andrew REDMAYNE (gk), 2.Aaron CALVER, 4.Alex WILKINSON, 6.Josh BRILLANTE, 7.Michael ZULLO, 8.Paulo RETRE, 9.Adam LE FONDRE, 10.Milos NINKOVIC, 11. Daniel DE SILVA, 13.Brandon O’NEILL, 14.Alex BROSQUE ©, 17. Anthony CACERES, 18.Jacob TRATT, 20.Alex CISAK (gk), 21.Charles LOKOLI-NGOY, 22.Siem DE JONG, 24.Cam DEVLIN, 31.Luke IVANOVIC.

two to be omitted

Ins: 11.Daniel DE SILVA (return from non-selection due to Mariners loan agreement), 21.Charles LOKOLI-NGOY (promoted)

Outs: Nil

Unavailable: 3.Ben WARLAND (foot – 1 weeks), 5.Jop van der LINDEN (hamstring – 2 weeks), 12.Trent BUHAGIAR (ACL – indefinite), 19.Chris ZUVELA (knee – indefinite), 23. Rhyan GRANT (International Duty)