Round 12 - Sydney FC vs Newcastle - 13/03/21

This is probably our best opportunity to push on into the top half of the table, given how tight things are. Hopefully we can build up a bit of momentum here.

I’d be happy to see us throw this match so that Melbourne are cast even further adrift at the bottom of the table.


Hopefully we continue playing well and grab another 3 points.

I’d be tempted to start ABJ over king Milos to be super cautious about his ankle on such a short turnaround

Just win, baby.

You’d think Corica is only unleashing The Dreamboat from the start in consultation with the staff. If it’s fine, no need to be cautious. If it’s not fine, give him the week off.

IMO it’s worth letting him rest in any case. ABJ and Caceres are more than capable of handling the attacking mid duties, especially against a pretty average Newy.

There was a moment on Wednesday where Caceres beat his man and unleashed a decent shot - great technique, just too close to the keeper. Want to see much more of that from him.

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I often get frustrated when our attacking mids don’t shoot because generally speaking the shots are usually pretty good.

I miss Adrian. If he was anywhere near the box he was having a ping.


I’m still really salty about his messy exit, but yes, Adrian’s intent was always to ripple the back of the net.

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I expect a :peach: :baguette_bread: to someone.
Possibly my betting accounts

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This is fair and I think it’s one of the things Hof has brought to the team: he’s always willing to have a shot from range

What’s going on with the trains tomorrow? It seems like it’s half-hourly until kick-off and then every 10 mins during the game?

TripView is showing arrivals at Carlton at 15:34, 16:04, 16:34, 17:04, and then 17:11, 17:21, 17:34…

Club/FFA and TransportNSW got their wires crossed?

Or have I got it wrong and it’s 7pm, not 5pm, kick-off?

Definitely a 5pm start. No idea about the trains.


This seemed to work last time :peach::baguette_bread:

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I like the bit where Melbourne fans will be wanting us to us to win.

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How’s the grub at Kogarah Clubhouse? Still looking for a pre-game venue two years later.

Newcastle have scored the fewest number of goals this season with nine.

At home they’ve picked up one win and a draw in eight matches since 2015 against us.

Historically, we’ve always had the upper hand over them with 12 wins and two draws in our last 17 meetings.

Pretty confident of the 3pts today.

Why would you say that?

Been there a bunch of times for yum cha, pretty good

Is Ninko going to feature today? I’d leave him out to be safe personally.

Thanks jinx.