Round 13 - 2019/20 Discussion

So apparently there’s a game tonight. That snuck up on me.

Wednesday 7:30pm - WSW vs Brisbane
Friday 7:30pm - City vs WU
Saturday 5:00pm - Nux vs CCM
Sunday 6:30pm - Melbourne vs Newcastle

All home wins and that seems like a pretty easy call to me:

Evil Incarnate

Home teams is an easy pick,it’s one of my multis.

Tonight’s game could be a draw again like last time.Theres the Liverpool rivalry in the mix,neither team is consistent(except as playing poorly).I’d love to see Fowler pinch the 3!

Fuck. It will be that dimwit Speed tonight too.

If Star Wars has taught me anything it is that Evil will always be defeated by the Forces of Good; as MVFC are playing Newcastle the best we can hope for is a draw.

If Brisbane can’t get a result tonight then pressure should really start to mount. Wanderers starting without a midfield.

Spaceballs taught me, that evil will always triumph because good is dumb.


It would have be fascinating to have been at the McGowan’s for Christmas dinner, listening to the two brothers compare notes.

Win or lose we will always follow you,
Let it rain let it pour, we will sing forevermore


Scott Neville is still useless.

Lopar is a fraud


NorWesters,brilliant defending…this game is boring…when does that good team play again?

Just flicked on and the RBB have been silent. What are they protesting this time?

Edit: Ah, there’s just no one there today.


Meir’s movement on that goal attempt was appalling, he was goal side of his defender and a passing option but almost collided with the defender in his eagerness to get onto the other side where Duke could not possibly pass to him.

These teams are terrible.
That should probably have been a penalty based on some of the others given recently.

Imagine how bad their attendances would be if they didn’t get the years “clean air” at Bankwest pre-Macarthur.

I look forward to them announcing 15K+.

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RBB didn’t turn because the team didn’t either.

I’m sure Pele would be a little disappointed with what these teams have done to his beautiful game!

Going to be very interesting next year.

I was at a BBQ in Leppington a while back and one of the guys there was a massive WSW fan (along with his whole family). He absolutely hated Sydney FC, but after a bit of discussion revealed that he used to follow Sydney FC but changed to WSW because they were closer and he liked the community engagement. I made a joke about him changing to MacArthur becuase it was closer again and they were doing all the same things with the community, and no shit he looked at me with a blank face and said that he was interested in seeing what they were doing and was keen to go to the forum.

Guaranteed that some WSW fans will jump ship, especially those in the south west.


Wow, nice goal.