Round 13 - Sydney FC vs Adelaide - 4/1/2020

Gutted that I’ll be missing this one as it should be a good game.

Let’s hope that we carry the form from our City game into this one. We will be missing Grant, O’Neill and probably Zullo though so our starting 11 is going to be a bit of a mess.

Assume we will line up as we started the second half last week, Retre to RB and Caceres to DM, the bench will be kids only.

That’s what I thought too. Hoping that Zullo will be fit.

When does Grants’ appeal get heard?

Started that half with ten,I doubt FC will do that.

But then again ya can’t change a winning team!


Reckon we’ll see HVDS start at RB. Think Corica values Caceres much more as an impact sub, and would likely prefer to keep Retre in CM.

Corica also has Arnie’s preference for trusting in experienced players over youth. Retre starting at LB over King being the most recent example. I’d be surprised if Retre isn’t at RB.

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Une baguette à la pêche


Zullo, Retre and Caceres I reckon. Great game for some kids to get a run (Teague, Tillio and Trent pls). We’ll get arse blasted which is all the more surprising as Adelaide have been average recently.

Is Grant getting a rest maybe a silver lining for later in the year?

Trent is away with Olyroos

Whats the point of the FFA conspiracy if they take our backup striker? Bernie then.

Bernie should be raring after a hat-trick last week.

Locked on for the tried and trusted old heads to start. We never gamble. Caceres at CM, Retre at RB. King obviously to continue thanks to Retre being otherwise occupied.

Here’s the squad for the game. THB seems to have done his knee, which is unfortunate for him because he was called up to the AFC tournament with the Olyroos. So Pavlesic will be second choice keeper.

Zullo is listed as back, but that was the case last week so who really knows?

Sydney FC squad: 1.Andrew REDMAYNE (gk), 2.Patrick FLOTTMANN, 4.Alex WILKINSON (c), 5.Alex BAUMJOHANN, 6.Ryan McGOWAN, 7. Michael ZULLO, 8.Paulo RETRE, 9.Adam LE FONDRE, 10.Milos NINKOVIC, 11.Kosta BARBAROUSES, 16.Joel KING, 17.Anthony CACERES, 18.Luke IVANOVIC, 21.Harry VAN DER SAAG, 24.Marco TILIO, 25. Ryan TEAGUE, 26.Luke BRATTAN, 27. Jordi SWIBEL, 28. Calem NIEUWENHOF, 30. Adam PAVLESIC (gk).

2-4 to be omitted

Ins: 7. Michael ZULLO (return from injury), 24.Marco TILIO (promoted), 27. Jordi SWIBEL (promoted), 28. Calem NIEUWENHOF (promoted), 30. Adam PAVLESIC (gk) (promoted).

Outs: 12.Trent BUHAGIAR (international duty), 20.Tom HEWARD-BELLE (knee), 23.Rhyan GRANT (suspension)

Unavailable: 3.Ben WARLAND (ACL), 13. Brandon O’NEILL (knee), 19. Chris ZUVELA (knee)

Corica indicated that he anticipated Zullo being available for this game when they interviewed him pre-City, so he may actually be a chance of taking some part in the match.

The same interview suggested O’Neill was still a couple of weeks away.

34 degrees and smoke haze forecasted. Should be good!

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There’s been a few fuck Scott Morrison chants happening, noticeably that yungblud guy down in Melbourne, I’m not sure how everyone feels about this but I would heartily chant it if it were to happen tomorrow night .


Unless he is actually in attendance at the ground, I personally would prefer to chant for the football being played and leave politics out of it.

Watching my team play is a nice escape from other shit going on in the world.

That’s just me though.


Maybe stick to Riley & his mates & that Cambodian bird :joy:

Don’t get me wrong, the guy’s a fucking cockhead (Scomo, that is).

That vision currently going around of him forcibly grabbing a person’s hand to shake it for the cameras (while said person is trying to ask him what he’s doing to help the fire situation) is abhorrent.

Or that other vision of him saying “tell that fella I’m sorry…he must just be tired”, then the incident controller says “no, actually he’s lost a house”, and he just smirks and walks off muttering “all good, all good”… makes me want to punch that smirk right off the cunts face.

But a night out with my sky blue family at Jubilee, a few beers and some classy football helps me momentarily forget that assholes like that exist in the world.