Round 14 - Sydney FC vs Newcastle - 19/1/19

The first of three fixtures in 8 days.

Brillante is serving a suspension for this one so who should come in in midfield? I suspect Retre will but I wonder if Caceres might be a good move against an underwhelming Jets team. He would provide a bit more speed and thrust out of midfield than Retre would.

If retre doesn’t get to start I think he might cry. His performance on the field has been pretty good but he keeps getting dropped for various reasons.

Retre to CM with Tratt keeping his spot at RB.

Hope the line up is the same as against Adelaide really just with Retre coming in

was hoping this game could pull 15k+, but thunder predicted on saturday :frowning:

If there’s any substance to the thinking that the Caceres signing is supposed to be a preemptive replacement for a departing O’Neill then surely he must be starting there on the weekend.

Retre has been the backup to the 2 CMs for a while now. If we expect one of them to move on, it’s equally possible that Retre slots in there, and Caceres as a temporary loan option takes the backup role.

By starting Retre at CM we’re left with no fresh right sided replacement off the bench. For this reason I think Caceres will start.

Retre at CM means a bit of pace on the ball, and will probably mean Branners drops back further. Would prefer that.

Corica mentioned resting Ninko and Siem at some point soon, so how about Brosque at LM with Siem/ALF still at ST for Saturday?

I’ve had an email from the Dragons offering a free GA ticket to this game. Not actually free as you still have to pay the $5.95 handling fee. As I have a season ticket, I don’t need this. PM me for the code if you want it.

I’ll take the ticket if still available and I’ll bring my old man along. I’ve PM’d also.


Squads are in. Warland returns from injury, so Corica will have the option of partnering him with Wilko at the back. I’m sort of 50-50 on that idea to be honest.

Sydney FC squad: 1.Andrew REDMAYNE (gk), 2.Aaron CALVER, 3. Ben WARLAND, 4.Alex WILKINSON, 7.Michael ZULLO, 8.Paulo RETRE, 9.Adam LE FONDRE, 10.Milos NINKOVIC, 11. Daniel DE SILVA, 13.Brandon O’NEILL, 14.Alex BROSQUE ©, 17. Anthony CACERES, 18.Jacob TRATT, 20.Alex CISAK (gk), 21.Charles LOKOLI-NGOY, 22.Siem DE JONG, 24.Cam DEVLIN, 31.Luke IVANOVIC. two to be omitted

Ins: 3. Ben WARLAND (return from injury), 21.Charles LOKOLI-NGOY (promoted), 24.Cam DEVLIN (promoted)
Outs: 6. Josh BRILLANTE (suspended – 1 game)
Unavailable: 5.Jop van der LINDEN (hamstring – 1 weeks), 12.Trent BUHAGIAR (ACL – indefinite), 19.Chris ZUVELA (knee – indefinite), 23. Rhyan GRANT (International Duty)

Newcastle Jets squad: 1.Glen MOSS (gk), 3.Jason HOFFMAN, 4.Nigel BOOGAARD ©, 6.Steven UGARKOVIC, 7.Dimi PETRATOS, 8.Jair, 9.Roy O¹DONOVAN, 10.Ronald VARGAS, 13.Ivan VUJICA, 14.Kaine SHEPPARD, 16.Nick COWBURN, 18.Johnny KOUTROUMBIS, 20.Lewis ITALIANO (gk), 22.Lachlan JACKSON, 23.Matthew RIDENTON, 24.Joe CHAMPNESS, 32.Angus THURGATE, 44.Nikolai TOPOR-STANLEY two to be omitted

Ins: 10.Ronald VARGAS (return from suspension), 13.Ivan VUJICA (promoted), 24.Joe CHAMPNESS (return from injury)
Outs: 17.Daniel GEORGIEVSKI (suspended – 1 week)
Unavailable: 5.Ben KANTAROVSKI (groin – 3 weeks)

No way Warland is rushed back, he’ll be on the bench.

Tratt, Calver, Wilko, Zullo.

Retre or Caceres to turn the ball over less.

Whatever. Sorted.

Ninkovic is apparently sick and may not play, per Bossi. Retre is also a maybe:

Good opportunity to rest him and start Caceres then.

How would people feel about starting Brosque out at LM like it was 2009 still? Or alternatively, give Ivanovic a start there?

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Looks like changes afoot for Saturday night with the various suspension/injury/illness issues. Possibility of a very different looking line up for home team.

If were counting Ninkovic, Brillante, Retre, Grant and Jop out itll probably be:

Tratt Calver Wilko Zullo
Caceres O’Neill
De Jong De Silva
Brosque ALF

Bench: Cisak, Warland, Ivanovic, Devlin, Charles

Yeah we would definitely have to move back to a 4-4-2 if that’s the case.

Huge chance for Caceres if Retre isn’t risked, and tbh could give us a better balance in the middle of the park. Branners can sit, destroy and distribute, whereas Caceres is probably a bit more “box to box” than Brillante.

Bench will be a bit light though with 5 out.