Round 15 - Sydney FC vs Melbourne City - 26/02/22

Not feeling good about this one. Add in the rain and we could be in for an utterly miserable evening.

Chris Beath is the referee.

Well that’s good, he has always seemed fair and level headed. Never been 1 to make himself centre of attention by making some random match changing call


Dont think this is ending well

At least it’s not Shaun Evans

So, Donachie up front again?



Anything above 3k will be a miracle in this weather.

Fresh off refereeing the Club World Cup final. Definitely won’t want to be the centre of attention now.

Is it likely to go ahead with all the rain expected over the next two days?

Just realised it’s a home game , it’s been difficult to keep track of the A League games this year.
If they are calling it off I hope they do it early !!! otherwise I’m wasting a 3 hour drive up the highway then back again.

I almost hope they call it off, we will struggle to hit 3k. Horrible weather. Though it’ll mean an even more cluttered schedule down the track so might just be better to get it over with.

BOM says 20-30mm of rain tomorrow in Kogarah which seems like a lot.

Kogarah will be a swimming pool if we get that much rain. Drainage is shit, from memory.

That said, I wouldn’t mind us sneaking an early goal past Glover; only for the lights to go out again and an early full time whistle.

Didn’t expect this so soon, but this is in the club’s preview article:

Sydney will look to hand new signing Luciano Narsingh his debut with the Netherlands international reportedly in line to feature.

In this interview Bimbi suggests its too soon and we’ll probably see him start in the Derby, along with getting Yazbek back. Also said Caceres will be back, the knee injury just looks like a cork, which is even better news.

I’d say the most likely reason for a delay would be a storm. We’re not looking at 80+mm here on game day which might be enough to rule it out.

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Yeah. We won’t be that lucky.

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Is the game going ahead?

With how shitty kogarahs drainage is, I really can’t see this going ahead. Pretty constant heavy rain for the past 12 hours in Randwick.

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I’ve just posted a preview, unpicking Corica’s Friday press conference and trying to guess at some team selections:


Thanks,Adelaide and CCM in SA is on at same time, that looks like it’ll test the Paramount GlitchFest then.