Round 15 - Western United vs Sydney FC - 3/2/24

A good opportunity to get back to winning ways. Western have been struggling for form but they have had a tough run of fixtures so we’ll see how they are against us.

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Western New Zealand United

Woods been given the minimum 1-week, so I suspect we’ll see Fabio re-enter the staring lineup. Unless Talay is happy to keep Fabio on the bench for second half shenanigans and chuck JK up front.

No reason we shouldn’t be winning this, to be honest, even if it’s away from home.

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I also wonder where Mak fits in, if he’s fit enough to start. Do you start him up top? Or use him as a sub for Burgess?

I recon we’ll see this. Like Wood, JK is more suited to the pressing style that Talay has adopted than Fabio, and he’s able to make pacey runs in behind defenders. Fabio seems to be effective when he’s comes on a sub later in games. I doubt he’d be happy playing that role, but that’s football for you.

We’re gonna get arseblasted.

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I would very much like us to score more goals than them


So where does the Property Developer Gypsy Caravan FC play this week?

Sydney to win 3-1.

We’re back to North Hobart Oval in Tasmania.

The scene of where Diamanti scored that stupid screamer from 50 meters out near the wing last season.


A mate of mine who follows him on social media tells me he loves the Straya & his family does too. They even just got puppies recently, he’s here to stay. Doing some yoof gig at Melbourne Shitty apparently.

I vaugely remember watching a Western/Rural/Goldfields Victoria-Tasmania franchise game and the commentators were saying he had a coaching gig booked in with CFG.

He’s not the first to have gone down that route, won’t be the last. At the end of the day, you really can’t blame him with the connections City have in Europe and around the world.

Once can only hope that we and Baumjohan can build on our current relationships in Europe and entice people to our backroom staff.


We have two strikers available who can start up front. No need whatsoever to bring someone in who doesn’t naturally play that position.

Besides, Mak really should have to earn his starting spot in his favoured position. He’s not hit form for any length of time this season.

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We have actually looked a bit better without Mak in recent weeks. Though that said he will obviously have those moments of class that can change a game that someone like JK or Wood don’t quite have.

I’d bring him on later. If we need him, he can bring those moments of quality, and change the game if we’re up and we don’t need him it’s still a good chance to bring him on and hopefully he can play himself into a bit of form.

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Our defence has been going ok lately so we’ll win.

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I just wonder if his favoured position exists in this system so even at his best, is he the right fit for LAM?

Mak seems to have a real issue with conditioning. Always looks gassed and a few kg too heavy. After a spell out with injury it’s arguably going to be worse. Bench at best .


Not sure how much pressure he is under to make Slovakia’s squad for the Euros, but I’m kind of relying on that for him to have a killer end to the season.

Oh man, I’d have loved to do Tassie away, especially with the heat here ATM. But there is a home women’s game to make up for it! 🩵

So after the Socceroos getting done, it’s up to Sydney FC to make my football weekend better :disappointed: