Round 16 - WSW vs Sydney FC - 11/2/23

Through some of those years when we were good, we would lose derbies. Now that we’re crap…?

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Nah for the most part we would win them.

With/Without Brosque is the strongest contributing factor to results:

  • Before Brosque: 2W/1D/3L, 5F/7A, 1.17 Pts/G, -0.33 GD/G
  • With Brosque: 10W/5D/1L, 35F/14A, 2.19 Pts/G, +1.31 GD/G
  • After Brosque: 2W/3D/5L, 8F/12A, 0.9 Pts/G, -0.40 GD/G

I’d love for someone to double-check that for me. All of that was done by counting manually and jotting the numbers down.

That is absurdly dominant. He just broke them for five years.


I’m not getting my hopes up.

They’ve not exactly set the world on fire. They’re doing better than us, but they’re hardly Premiership contenders really. Compared to their recent few years, they’re doing very well, but that’s quite a low bar to compare too.

No Grant means a bit of niggle will go out of our game.

I’m going to be optimistic and say a eventful 2-2 draw. We weren’t brilliant against the Mariners, but we did show a bit more fight than what we have in the last 6-12 months. If Donachie (who will start) doesn’t do too many fuck ups, then we’re in with a sniff of a point. The last derby they got somewhat fortunate, and I think we pushed them all the way.

Hopefully Alfie’s stocking up on the pork & fennel mincemeat for a a sausage roll or two.

As Mr2046 said the other week, Wests best season in living memory, and even then this is the only home game they’ll bother turning up for:

P15, W6 D6 L3 for 24 points

Our worst season in living memory, goo flowing and Corica on notice:

P15, W6 D2 L7 for 20 points


That really puts it in perspective, doesn’t it…

I’m not sure if this is the game to do it in, though Gurd needs to get a run asap.

Maybe Rodwell will play?

Yeah couldn’t type that with a straight face.


I’ll watch* this on paramount.

…if it works.

Quietly confident… we’ve got some momentum, they are still shit.

The home game was the nadir of this season - just completely abject with the ball.
Our build up has definitely improved over the last few weeks, so hopefully they can play with a bit of confidence and cause some issues.
As ever, we’re complete garbage in transition so we’ll likely cop at least one goal on the back of a poor touch in midfield.

Would be nice to win out there for a change.

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Hoping this will be Maxy’s breakout game for us. He’s had a couple of good ones but delivering the goods against them would give his SFC career the proper supercharge.


Outstanding the last few weeks

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Better not. That will ruin @rorybunks date with 858 pre calculations

That’s very true. Even small clubs have to have a good season sometimes.

I hope its the “Free To Air” game , Paramount is crap.

Whilst I know he’s saying it to rev up the players and the supporters, I honestly hope he doesn’t truly believe that we’re back to our best.

Yes, we played well against Central Coast and Australia’s Shame, but if that’s back to our best, the threshold that Corica is striving for, then he really is truly the wrong man for the job.

What do you expect him to say?


Yeah, I think I’m past worrying about what Corica says in front of the cameras. It’s what he says to the group that matters, as well as how they react to it.


Anything less than walking into the press conference holding a peach and a baguette is a sackable offense…

[insert eye roll emoji here]


Then we’ll really know he’s just playing to the SFCU gallery