Round 17 - Sydney FC vs Adelaide - 17/2/24

This season of both our club and the league means this could be anywhere from a 4-0 win to a 4-0 loss.

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Or a 4-4 draw.

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No Craig Goodwin?


Adelaide are in really shoddy form, so this should make us favourites. That said, we’ve got to do a much better job of stopping Ibusuki than last time. Easier said than done, though, as we don’t really have a tower of a CB that will follow him every moment of the game.

I’ll predict a 3-2 win. Lolley to score two goals, and Fabio to get the other.

Playing at home, on a dodgy post-concert pitch = arse blasting

Factoring in last weeks result at Gosford and… :computer: :keyboard: :printer: nailed on home loss incoming.

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Is Nestor playing? If so we need to wind him up to put him off his game, I’ve noticed his temperament is easily tipped either way by the referee or opposing players.

Is he related to Rudan?

Une baguette aux pêches

Think I caught that film on SBS one night


In the past two games against Adelaide there’s been a total of 13 goals

Don’t make me wish I went to Canberra.

Or to Christie Park

Woody out with stress fracture, Joel King and Jack Rodwell 2 weeks away according to Uffie.

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With the 6:00pm start there is an increased likelihood of toddler races


I’ve had no confidence in the team all season but i think we will stay true to our more han 2.5 goals in the match form.

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Kids are doing the mascot thing tomorrow… may as well lock in a rain storm for about 6pm


Genuinely said “YES” out loud to this and someone turned to look at me, so had to go back to pretending to work very quickly.

The people want the toddler races!


No one wishes to go there if they can help it.

Looking forward to an arse blasting, in the most entertaining league in the WORLD.

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