Round 18 - City vs Sydney FC - 25/2/23

I can’t see our seive of a defence keeping City out. This could get real ugly.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Jack Rodwell will be…unavailable.

Having watched the Melbourne derby, I don’t fear City like I did under Kisnorbo.

I reckon it’ll be a highscoring draw


Maybe the quality and experience of the sub’s benches will be the difference.

We beat em in December and we’ll beat em again. Fuck em


12-1 loss

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Harsh but fair

Brattan getting booked would have to be easy money, wouldn’t it? He’s always fired up for CFG.

In good news.

We won’t have James Donachie in our backline.

The donkey is out suspended for yellow card accumulation.

C’mon Gurdy, knock him out of the squad permanently.

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Oh yeah. Gurdy should get a solid 88 minutes after Rodwell goes down. :+1:

That’s a bit harsh on Hurdy Gurdy.

Should Rodwell be declared fit to start this game, he’ll probably pull an abductor muscle whilst checking his bags in at the Qantas oversize desk at the airport, and having kept quiet about that, he’ll trip on his way through the metal detectors at security, and go head over tit into the X-Ray machine, knocking him unconscious and he’ll miss the game via the concussion ruling.

The club will just say he didn’t quite pass a fitness test pre-game.

Hopefully the Mardi Gras parade will distract from the inevitable arse-blasting. Of course, I thought we were going to get smashed at home to them, but maybe we could chalk up their loss to Macca and Leckie being tired. 3-1 City. Leckie hat-trick, late consultation scored by, I don’t know, Parsons again.

I could make a great joke about Mardi Gras and arse blasting but I’m trying to be a better person


Yep, pulled this one out last time we played them.


The game is at 5pm so you have heaps of time to put the game on to get properly depressed for a night of partying.

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Solid start and 30 minutes from Rodwell inbound.

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Yeah we have always started him when available, haven’t we? He’s never eased in with minutes off the bench, and with Donachie suspended this week, I imagine that pattern will continue (as long as he doesn’t do a Perth and is actually able to take to the pitch after the plane trip).

Love that they use a picture where he appears to be clutching for a hammy already.