Round 18 - Sydney FC vs Melbourne City - 24/2/24

A win here would be a great step towards securing a top six finish.

City haven’t exactly been setting the world on fire this season.

So I’ll be optimistic with a 3-1 loss.

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Are Heart pissants now?

una baguette alla pesca


I believe they’re without Arslan for this game, which is a huge loss for their midfield.

I don’t like this feeling of optimism

I expect to be brought back down to earth with a shocking performance and a 0-3 defeat


Yeah, I didn’t see it but understand he got sent off from the bench after having already been substituted. He had the mandatory 1 week for a red off before the MRP issued a 3 week suspension last week, although he had 5-7 days to appeal that.

So last weekend would’ve been his 2nd game off, there’s a chance he does appeal it today / tomorrow in an attempt to reduce it to 2 games and be available this weekend.

As an aside, would love to know what he said that warranted 3 weeks when old mate psychopath only got 2 for ranting an entire presser on the integrity of the competition for the last decade.

If the rain continued as expected all week, wouldn’t be surprised if it’s rained out.

Would help us avoid the Swift traffic.

Doubt it’d get rained out. The only way it would get rained out is if the pitch became unplayable because4 of the damage cause to it from the concerts.

the drainage system should be far superior to that of the old stadium. If we’re having games post-poned due to a flooded pitch, it’s a pretty big blight on the stadium.

considering how many high-heels would have been worn at the Pink concert, you’ll assume drainage wouldn’t be a problem


Maybe I’m reading BOM wrong but Friday looks like there could be up to 15mm of rain in Moore Park specifically. Without lightning it would be at least safe. Interesting to see how well the pitch holds up. Recall 1 or 2 rained out games at ol’ Kogarah.

Pitch acupuncture

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Yes, compare Kogarah Stadium, which was built in 1936 - 88 years ago, with no major upgrades to the stadium other than a few grandstand upgrades, to the new Sydney Football Stadium, built in 2022, a state of the art, multi-million dollar, multi use facility.

I have no doubt that the pitch will be affected by concerts, and 3 codes playing on it every weekend, but I also highly doubt, short of rising sea levels inundating the Eastern Suburbs, that drainage is a massive issue.


In fairness they probably have the same amount of rain cover and food options


Just remembered, I saw at least two blokes wearing Vine shirts on Saturday night.
Gotta love this club sometimes :blue_heart:


You’ll be rather lonely there on Friday night. The game is on Saturday at 5:30pm :wink:

Part timer, you should be getting there a day early to get the best position


Or to stash some flares for later use. :wink:

Oh no he din’t !!!


We getting SFC branded bucket hats and pee pants?