Round 18 - Sydney FC vs Western Sydney - 28/02/2020

Let’s embarrass them.

Forecast is currently 15-45mm of rain. That’s the first big fixture since we moved out of Allianz which may be impacted by the rain.

Rain? What is Rain?

Poncho time!


NWSW have got their hopes up after their 2nd win in 12 games.

Perfect time to crush them.

They now have a grub in charge too, fitting in well with their club culture. Let’s do it for Carney.


Still filthy we actually lost to those morons. Let’s destroy them.

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Should comfortably beat NSW’s smallest team.

Isotopes lose.

It appears they won’t have to deal with a huge number of travelling supporters with the Wanderers’ allocated active supporter bay reduced from 1100 to 953 due to slow ticket sales. Those who do travel, however, will be put on a “derby express” train, with Sydney Trains putting on a direct service from Parramatta Station to Carlton on Saturday afternoon.


That’s hardly surprising, they wouldn’t have had 953 in their own safe standing bays yet this season.


That’s still 950 more than I was expecting if they take up their allocation. The weather will throw a spanner in the works if the forecast stays accurate.

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Imagine if they’d only sold a quarter of their allocation :frog::coffee:

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Was just reading my magnet (cause I live a wild life) and it said this game was subject to approval at the kog dog; anyone know what was the reason for this ?

It wasn’t clear that police would allow it due to the issues with fan segregation and the lack of a significant dedicated seating area for away fans.

Them not having any fans fixed this issue though.


Apparently only 1500 tickets left I assume mostly from reducing the WSW allocation and members returning their seats.

Forecast reduced to 8-25mm of rain now.

February is the wettest month in Sydney, not surprising at all if it chucks down on Saturday.

Fair enough, what was the back up ANZ ? Lol

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As of today they’d sold 137 active tickets. Less than half what we took to Melbourne.


137? Jesus, that’s pathetic.
I assume there’ll be (a few) more WSW fans than that in the ground…
The special train from Parra and closing Jubilee Avenue for 137 people will be spectacularly lame.
If it’s close to a sell-out, then it can only be an absolute sea of sky blue.
Cannot wait.

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