Round 19 - Newcastle vs Sydney FC - 25/03/22

Three wins and three clean sheets on the bounce. Can we keep that rolling?

We starting Retre and Donachie?

First names on the team sheet, surely?


Right, so with skipper off playing for HMAS Titanic vs Jaoan, we’ll have a starting back 4 vs the Jets of:
Talbot - Warland - the Donk - Timmy

or maybe:
Retre - Warland - the Donk - Talbot

Ass blasting incoming.

Wilko will be back for the Jets game according to the article posted in the Socceroos thread.

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That’s good news. I assume he won’t be playing but just there as back up so he’ll be good for the weekend.

That Georgian lad has turned out alright for Newcastle.

Most of their foreign quota this season has been decent actually.

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Taking a couple of days off from work to go up to Newy and stay with some friends I haven’t seen for 2+ years, chose this weekend to do it for no particular reason…

Will also be my 2nd of 3 games in for days, including the Roos assblasting and the dub final. Keen.


Pappas stated early on along the lines of not signing imports that he had not seen play live… seems to have worked for him

Holy fuck the Ticketmaster website is an abomination.

It’s a smart tactic.

Also a good way to convince the club to get his frequent flyer status credits up :tipping_hand_man:t2:

He keeps going, a call up to Georgia is on the cards for him.

The two inform strikers for Georgia currently play in the Cypriot league and Azeribajiani League, with their “future main striker” playing in the second divison of the Belgium league. So definitely should be in the running for a spot, bad news for Newcastle. They might have a Janko situation there.

Apparently a "small chance"this gets postponed


Came in to post exactly this.

They can’t postpone it surely. With us playing something like 6 games in 18 days before jetting off to Thailand/Vietnam for the Champions League and playing another cluster of games one after the other, you can’t postpone it.

Jets are just going to have to do the old Saturday morning ring around for reserves, or forfeit.

Sucks, but we can’t just keep postponing games.

Sucks for the Jets but yeah, we basically have to play or they can forfeit if they can’t field a team.

Fucking hell, new jocks (2nd pair) are already 3 for 3, if we start picking up points via forfeit now then I’m gonna have to reconsider their powers and possibly drop in the nearest volcano.


On the other hand, what about the impact that one single infected player taking the park against us after a false-negative RAT could have on that “6 games in 18 days before jetting off to Th…”

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Hey you’re talking about the two sweetest words in the English language! De-Fault!