Round 19 - Sydney FC vs Adelaide - 18/4/21

Adelaide played last night so no excuses here.

Oh I’m sure we can come up with a few!


Club posted something yesterday saying Zullo was gearing up for this. Not sure if trolling.

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We shall be ponderous in transition allowing a Goodwin brace but shall manage to craft two goals despite our lousy finishing only to lose 2-3 in the 93rd minute to a Juric screamer.

Adelaide are playing well. Will be a tough game

I would love that to be true…the idea that the club would troll its own fans is fantastic! Exactly the type of club I want to support.


You’re presuming Juric comes on in the 91st minute then? Couldn’t possibly stay fit for more than 3 minutes at a time

I presume nothing.

hilly knows stuff.

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We are going to get peach baguetted.

Rhyan Grant > Craig Goodwin

They did look good last night though to be honest. Should be another cracking game at the least.


One week only, get your limited tickets to see a Retre free Sydney midfield


Next 2 games will be season defining imo, win against Adelaide and even a draw away to CCM and i think we are title contenders and we will probably either be top or 2nd to City - a team which we have yet to play against with more than 3 day’s rest.

Well if they haven’t gone and deleted it. I think they were playing funny buggers with us!

I think it’s got to the point where King hasn’t done anything that warrants being dropped. I think the only reason he misses a game now is due to suspension or being given a rest.
Given Retre is a forced change and Corica doesn’t make wholesale changes game to game I’d be inclined to think that Zullo won’t be playing.

By “gearing up” I assume they meant he’d be at the merch tent.

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I have no problem with comments commenting on players form/ suggesting a different player is better but this type of comment that actively celebrates a misfortune of a player (being suspended) is really not on. Support the players and the team.

Also if Hof isnt back, Caceres drops in the deeper role meaning Ninkovic, ABJ and Bobo would all play and that really lacks the mobility and pace in our attack and also loses a lot defensively as Caceres does alot more defensively in that role than ABJ does.

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Retre isn’t out due to misfortune, he’s out because he is suspended. If anything he’s fortunate that he’s not out longer because the tackle that resulted in him receiving his 5th yellow card for the season should have been a straight red.
He also made a poorly timed tackle that should have been a penalty the previous game.
He’s out of form and being caught out of position which is resulting in him making these challenges. That it’s taken a suspension to see him miss a game rather than his poor form I think Stitty’s comment is in line.


I guess the point is I have no issues with your post as its making a fair criticism of a player. Stitty’s is a celebration of him not playing.

The “test” I like to use is whether if one of our boys happened to read the forum, what would they think? I think if they would be demoralized by a comment then that’s where it crosses the line. It’s a fine line sometimes but critiquing a player with analysis or suggesting someone should start over someone else is different to being happy someone isn’t available.

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Yeah I think thats a better way to say what I was trying to. Eddies post was a valid opinion on Retres performance, stitty’s was not.