Round 19 - Sydney FC vs CCM - 17/2/19

We really need a big win here for confidence.

First game at Leichhardt for the season, so hopefully we start that off we’ll. I’m anticipating a superb and loud atmosphere because even with small crowds that’s been my experience (see the FFA Cup game against City).

EDIT: Match preview is up here:

bloody hope steve gives them a proper rev up this week. looked like no one cared last week

He had the chance at half Time on Friday to do that. It didn’t work, whatever he said.

I’m actually really excited for this, hopefully Leichhardt will be pumping

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Leichardt is a lovely ground, and I’d say there’s no better team to be playing than the Mariners to give us a chance to steady our course after last Friday.

Could De Jong be in line for a return to the squad?

It did seem like we were back at Farina-era levels of apathy last week.

This is a bigger BANANA skin than last week.

The bottom 3 have shown up teams for certain period in recent times,FC was the victim of not taking their chances in BrissVegas.

Its the buisness end of the 27 rounds,I want to see some ruthlessness.

This is where SC earns his $$$…the positive is theres plenty of players to choose from,the squad is looking good.

27 to play for,its still open for the plate.

Joke about complacency made us complacent so this time only serious complacency comments please. Dont be complacent and go humourous with complacency


Last week was nowt to do with complacency and all to do with us neglecting forum traditions. In order to remedy this week:

We’re going to get arseblasted.


I’d hope retre is fit, I prefer him in that right mid position over da silva. Also be interesting to see how we play if both le Fondre and Reza are up front, I feel we still need one of the forwards to provide runs out wide.

I don’t see any reason why we can’t continue in the rich vein of form we hit last week and extend our lead in the FFA’s brand new competition (invented to guarantee we win some silverware each season), the Complacency Cup.
The boys have looked good at training this week. A lot of the drills have involved leaving Matt Simon unmarked at the far post & giving Tom Hiariej time and space in midfield. Josh Brillante had been putting in a bit of overtime working hard on perfecting his under hit no look back pass as well.


I feel like ALF always wants to drift wide anyway so it could work well with ALF drifting and Reza ghosting in as the second striker.

This seems to have gone out of fashion, but for what it’s worth I bought a ticket for a friend a few hours ago and the PAX is at just under 6k.

I really enjoyed the atmosphere for that cup quarter against City (where I think we only had ~ 5k) so keen to see what a proper crowd at Leichardt is like.

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Here’s the pre-game drinks:

What if these are new tactics from Corica? Complacency is known to be a killer of big teams. But what if, the team becomes so complacent, they constantly lose. The constant losing will become expected and the team gets complacent in expecting to lose, so they start to win.

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instead of having an underdog, fighting mentality. Let’s just lose a bunch of games and be the actual underdog.

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Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter

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new game plan for rest of the season:

finish 6th, but win the finals series


finish 4th, continue to be kinda average and lose in a semi-final to victory

Nailed on to play victory in the semis and beat them.