Round 2 - Western United vs Sydney FC - 16/10/22

So obviously the big question is what we do now of Wilko is out. I suspect we may see Donachie and Gurd starting, which doesn’t fill me with a lot of confidence but I’d rather see that than us playing Grant out of position again.

The only viable option is to forfeit the game, and then fold the club.


Why waste time forfeiting when we could fold it now?


Fold the club, burn down the stadium. It’s been nothing but bad luck

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Fold the competition, and de-establish football in Australia.

It’s the only logical, balanced and well thought out decision that will conclude this long-standing ache of stress and frustration that plagues us for several months of the year at a time.

We can start up a crochet club, or a scrapbooking adventure instead.

Btw we will win 5 to 4. Lots of goals, not much defence

Do we get away discounts or anything for these games?

I suspect we’ll win, but no one will see because WUN will have put us all to sleep.

If you’re going to be in Melbourne, email the memberships team, they’ve sorted people out with free tickets before (they gave me free tickets to a game in Wellington).

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Having a weakened defence could be a good thing - it could encourage WU to open up to try and attack and put pressure on our back line but that could present opportunity for us to counter with the quick direct play that we saw in the first round.

I think after last week they’ll be extra focused on their defending tbh.

Well some of you in this thread have got your wish. After Corica has announced he would rather we no longer partake in the A-leagues than play Gurd at CB, Paramount are pleased to announce that Sydney FC have folded and now form part of the United States.

Republican or Democrat - no matter. Let’s all come together and support the club/country!


Make Sydney FC Great Again!



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The United States of Sydney.

We are for ALL. :blue_heart: :blue_heart: :blue_heart:

Time to reinforce our squad with some guns.

Alright, we’re gonna need a line up of school children.


I think the US must be confusing us with Melbourne City. They heard oil money and decided to invade…

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I have plenty of jokes about oil.

But they’re probably too crude.