Round 20 - CCM vs Sydney FC - 24/04/21

Two clubs somewhat off the boil but a big opportunity for us to get some good points against top four rivals. I’m personally a bit worried about CCM’s workrate because we’ve struggled when coming under sustained pressure.

In before the goo with hopeful optimism.

Yes, also considering that our hardest working player, Grant, will be missing this one.

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I’m picking a draw. A lack of ruthlessness in attack to dampen an otherwise dominant possession game.

Let me guess, we will be leading for a good portion of the game, but CCM will come back in the dying stages and equalise.

How did you get the script already?

I predict we will dominate the first 60-70minutes but not take enough of the chances. We will then drop off and then concede a late goal that either turns the result into a loss or draw.

Not sure who I’m going to make the scapegoat for this game, Kosta Retre or Paulo Barbarouses.



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I think of it more as resting Grant for the Melbourne game.

Why do that when we could rest him during the Melbourne game?


Hopefully Redmayne makes another howler and we won’t have to think about it.

For most of the last two matches we have played out best football of the season, but in the end that wasn’t good enough to win.

In a way we have been spoiled by our dominance of the last few seasons, so those performances are seen as failures as is our season overall. But it hasn’t really been that bad. As we enter the second half the season we will most likely be nearer the top than the middle of the table, always within a win of the top two spots.


I’m predicting we hit the big sauce bottles a few times :grinning:


Actually that’s probably what will happen.
Corica’s refusal to budge from the 4-2-2-2 and play the kids will see him shoehorn Redmayne into the formation as Rhyno’s replacement from where he will score an own goal.

Harry or warland at RB?

You’d think it would and should be Harry but I have a suspicion Retre may start there with the rest of the starting line up the same as against Adelaide

Retre should be starting his bike

Got tickets late last night. Pax no.s at just under 9,000. Should be a rocking crowd!

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I would like to think we’d win, but I’m unable to make any promises

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