Round 20 - Macarthur vs Sydney FC - 30/03/22

Best case scenario, the ground floods and we call it a draw.

Water Polo?

Are we any good at that?

Obviously wasn’t going to be a blockbuster crowd & TV audience anyway, but we’re on at the same time as the Shane Warne state funeral too

Cmon Stevie, do something.

I want to see a reaction. Don’t let us just peter out.

They have state funerals at night now?

Another anti-football conspiracy!


Hopefully the weather knocks out my internet so I can’t access Paramount

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Honest to God, my least favourite match up. Not quite a derby, not quite Newy or CCM. Probably a nice quiet place to catch up on some reading.

It would appear Rhyno didn’t travel to Saudi Arabia and is available to play.

No Ninkovic, though, by the sounds of it.

Milos should be back on the weekend though, which is better than I feared.

It’s alright, Retre will play.


I think I have to wash my hair tomorrow night

Don’t build up my hope like that.

Lucky I was in the shower when I thought of this

Grant - Warland - Wilkinson - Talbot
---------Yazbek - Nieuwenhof
------Narsingh - Amini - Burgess
---------------Le Fondre

That is all well and good, but where’s Retre?

Oh shit.

How could I forget Retre?

That line up and formation would actually get me excited to watch a Sydney game

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I think Yazbek and Nieuwenhof are both injured?

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Injured or ‘injured’?

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