Round 20 - Wellington Phoenix vs Sydney FC - 12/3/23

5th vs 6th. 1 point separates the two sides.

Huge 3 points to stay in the top 6.

1pm Sunday kick-off feels strange. Have we ever kicked off earlier than 3pm in A-League history?

How much earlier do you want?
This game is at 10am!

Pretty sure we kicked off at 10am on a Wednesday away to Persik Kediri.

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There have been a bunch in the Pre-Season Cup and such, but in the A-League:

1:00pm vs MV (away), 16/10/05 — not televised, didn’t actually happen AFAIK
1:00pm vs Wellington (away), 4/1/12 — that round where they played (all of the matches?) on one Wednesday
2:00pm vs Wellington (away), 28/9/08 — this was at 5pm NZ time, but they had transferred to DST and we hadn’t yet
2:30pm vs Wellington (away), 27/11/11
2:30pm vs Wellington (away), 9/12/12
2:30pm vs Western Utd (away), 15/5/21 — in Ballarat
2:45pm vs Wellington (away), 21/12/19


Yeah. Why is it so early?

Is that 1pm local time or Sydney time?

I don’t understand why they would kickoff at 10am?

Sydney time

I like the 1pm slot. I can get the peach baguetting out of the way and go back to my usual Sunday routine: existential dread.


The timeslot is clearly our biggest issue for this game.

I am happy with it, I’ve a busy weekend but Sunday lunchtime is very convenient

for the TV viewership. If you’re going to watch the game live, 10:00am doesn’t make that much of a difference, if you’re watching on TV though, 1:00pm would probably be perfect back in Sydney

Kick off is 3pm local time.

so who’s saying 10:00am?

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Higdawg. And I fell for it.


SFCU trying to work out time zones.


Hopefully the lads turn up on time for this one and don’t get as confused at the time zone differences as we have.

Let’s see how we go without Burgess. Maybe without Burgess on the park Caceres can be the one dictating play, hope he can build off his goal from last week. Think we will see Mak up front again, he has done enough to keep playing at CF imo, bit unlucky with his disallowed goal last week.

If we’re going with 10am, they’ll probably get there early so they can do a longer warmup

Rodwell definitely not getting through the warmup if it’s 3 hours.


He’ll be lucky to get through his jet-lag.

Hopefully he doesn’t have to walk down the stairs departing the plane and there is an air bridge.