Round 21 - Sydney FC vs Adelaide - 1/3/19

Another good test of where we are at, though against a team which is struggling for goals. Further, Adelaide have one CB on the books so if we can’t score here then we’re in serious trouble.

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I think it’s pretty much inevitable that we’ll fail to score, or at best jag another pen.

Like when Brisbane had McKay playing centre back and we failed?

Yup. And a nervous child in goals. And some other omissions. In what was already a rank side even with first choices available.

They will sit deep. We will fail to break them down and jag it 1-0 with a dodgy pen or deflected free kick.

This season’s narrative is way more depressing than the last two. I miss going into games knowing we will win 4-0.

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One significant change this Friday will be Marlon Brando coaching the reds.

For now. I’m absolutely convinced we will play victory in the semi and beat them.


We’re going to get arse blasted.

As fun as it was it sometimes felt a bit weird not going into games without “I wonder how we will go”.

look I just hope we play the same old 442 that has been working so well.

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Ding Ding Ding!

Do this Adelaide even do arse blasting?

Well if they going to start, they’ll start on Friday.

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dds has a hyperextended elbow, out for 2-3 weeks

Sydney FC squad: 1.Andrew REDMAYNE (gk), 2.Aaron CALVER, 3.Ben WARLAND, 4.Alex WILKINSON, 5. Jop van der LINDEN, 6.Josh BRILLANTE, 7.Michael ZULLO, 8.Paulo RETRE, 9.Adam LE FONDRE, 10.Milos NINKOVIC, 13.Brandon O’NEILL, 16.Reza GHOOCHANNEJHAD, 17.Anthony CACERES, 20.Alex CISAK (gk), 21.Mitch AUSTIN, 23.Rhyan GRANT, 24. Cam DEVLIN, 31.Luke IVANOVIC.

two to be omitted

Ins: 5. Jop van der LINDEN (promoted), 8.Paulo RETRE (promoted), 21.Mitch AUSTIN (promoted), 24. Cam DEVLIN (promoted).

Outs: 11.Daniel DE SILVA (elbow hyper extension – 4 weeks), 14.Alex BROSQUE (suspended – 1 week – 5 yellow cards).

Unavailable: 12.Trent BUHAGIAR (ACL – indefinite), 19.Chris ZUVELA (knee – indefinite), 22.Siem DE JONG (knee – 2 weeks).

Any thoughts on who will play Brosque’s role off the bench? I fear we may end up playing Austin in that role…

Shit I forgot Brosquey was suspended. Having said that it’s tops when he enters full beast mode so it’s just the cost of doing business

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Expect probably same starting XI with Retre and Devlin on the bench for DDS and Brosque.

Really do want to see Ivanovic in for Brillante.

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I feel like it’ll be Retre or Caceres at RM. I don’t like either of those options to be honest