Round 21 - Sydney FC vs Adelaide - 1/3/19


Hopefully it’s Ivanovic in the interests of resting players for Wednesday.


Wednesday… fuck that Mickey Mouse nonsense rolled around pretty quick.


No changes. Austin on the bench for Brosque as I feared.


Retre surely is injured


Caceres. Fuck me. Not even very good, can’t tackle, can’t run, can’t shoot


Expected but disappointing. Caceres has given less than Retre at RM.


I’d hope so because he deserves to be picked over Austin.


Joshy better not fuck up or he’ll be hearing about it.


So… Retre? Something has to be up there. SC just re-signed him. I thought he had a 2 week injury in Jan. Lurkers?


People on FB were saying he has a thigh injury. Doubt the source is accurate


Tell you what, I wish his passing was as good as his striking from distance. Was hitting them clean AF in the warmup.


The Cove looks much better settled in and active this time, now that it isn’t 30 degrees.


Milos seems to have turned up


Alfie looks good tonight. Good chance he might bag a couple


Yeah the gooch,


Yes, beautifully worked goal.


Way to stop play Grant…


Gorgeous goal


So close to a double for Reza


Grants in pittbull mode