Round 21 - Sydney FC vs Adelaide - 1/3/19


Lol awesome free kick falcon by Adelaide


There are times when I think we have to be less tricky


Fuck we look on it tonight.


Ninko, Gucci and Le Fondre are all excellent so far. Caceres is showing he has no business being on the same team as those kind of players, though. No anticipation at all and can’t keep up with their combination play. Too bad De Silva and Retre seem to be injured or I probably wouldn’t be starting the guy.




As well as we played, Adelaide came close a couple of times there.


Ninkovic is on fire tonight. Really pulling the strings. Reza and ALF linking up well. O’Neill has also looked imperious at times.

I couldn’t tell you one thing Brillante has done and Caceres looks out of his depth, and only part of that is being out of position. If we go up another goal I wouldn’t mind Devlin coming into midfield.


Some great play to get near the box, but the players still taking poor options for the final ball. Reza really getting involved , love how he regularly tucks back to receive passes.


In. The. Mood.


Damn we butchered that chance


I don’t think Brillante and Caceres are playing THAT poorly - they haven’t been terribly involved, and with the way Reza, le Fondre and Ninko have been playing, anyone would pale in comparison.


Ball kids watch out. Marrone’s about


Adelaide getting too many half chances


I wish O’Neill would get his fifth yellow card so that the commentators would shut up about it.


This looks bad.


Make a sub Corica for fucks sake.


Why do teams insist on playing out from the back when they are obviously rubbish at it


I’m not a fan of playing two up top. Nothing wrong with either player, but I just don’t think it works well.


76 in with a midweek game and nothing yet. FFS.


Finally, Reza needed to come off, some fresh legs should help.