Round 21 - Sydney FC vs WSW - 18/3/23

GA tickets already sold out. This is going to be a big crowd.

Neither team exactly inspiring confidence right now but derbies are always so hard to read.

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Trying to get a babysitter for this one.

I don’t want to win because I want us to win, or secure a spot in the finals.

I want to win so that Mark Rudan, Brandan Borello, Mr Favela, and all the other insufferable cunts in that team can have the worlds biggest sook.

Corica should be playing Brandan Borello’s and Mark Rudans interview and cunt antics post-match in the training sheds, all week.

In the dining room, the tablemats should have a blown up print out of Borello’s comments of “They didn’t deserve anything”.

Every coffee that is prepared should have a few drops of salt water added in, to replicate the taste of the salty tears of those utter fuckwits.

I may live, and have bred in the (south) Western Suburbs, but fuck I absolutely detest these mouth breathing cunts.

Fuck them all, fire the fuck up. It’s derby week.


Club socials are on it. Bang Average. :rofl:


Struggling to get excited for this at all.

This was very good though.

I am super pumped for this one…. First game of the year without the kids, I doubt I’ll remember the second half


That deft touch to go round Marcelo is beautiful.

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Tickets are selling ok but slower than last derby from memory, probably a 27-30k crowd if I had to guess. Still several days to go though, ticket sales should lift a bit closer to the game.

We are missing Alf and Burgess, and they are missing Mrcelo.

Any other major outs/unavailables?

I don’t like our chances with our best attacking options out, but will settle for a Rodwell winner in the 87th minute.

Is Schneiderlin injured? Went off last week.

Also a Rodwell crunching tackle on ninko would make me laugh.


Can we offer Rodwell bonus minutes on the quest to 828 if he manages that?


Maybe getting the winner accompanied by an unnecessarily OTT and petty celebration might be worth some credit!

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I’d be happy to see Redmayne come out and do this on him. Worth the Red card, and the inevitable multi-game suspension. But hey, it works out for a win as Thomas Heward-Belle will get game time before his inevitable move to Wellington next season.


Poetry in motion.

They’ve also got Stevie giving it large to Rudan up as well…


Weather looking good at this point as well.

Just whatever you do, don’t rely on our 3rd world public transport system to get you there. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Rail issues?

Edit: Trackwork between Berowra and Gordon. Can’t see too many other issues for the weekend…yet.

Metro was down and only running between Chatswood and North Ryde at the time of that post. Third problem in a week after the full rail outages last Wed and again Sat morning.

I’ll be getting the Hills bus in for the derby.

Don’t fucking lose.


So apparently we’re now appealing the Burgess suspension.

I highly doubt they’ll reduce it.