Round 21 - Wellington vs Sydney FC - 16/3/24

Massive test of just how good we are here. Winning this away from home would be a huge statement. We haven’t had a chance to see a lot of the Matthews/Lacerda CB pairing yet though and it’s possible they’re just not going to mesh super well.


3:30 pm kick off Sydney time


Welly didn’t deal with our high press at all last time we played them. We also played them on a terrible surface. Hopefully we can high press them to death on their home turf as well. I assume Brattan will be back to the starting line-up, which means we should have more control in midfield from the get-go.

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Fuck if we can pick up a win, after the week WSW have had… it’ll be glorious.

Jesus. i hate optimism


Even before the send off Brisbane were passing their way quite well out the press. Food for thought for this week.

I didn’t know where to put this, but chose this thread since we’re all going to be looking at it in the following days. Sorry to divert briefly.

I’m seeing posts about this

How legitimate is this FSAA? Are The Cove in talks or part of this? Are ALL ‘main’ supporter groups of all the teams part of this?

Who are these people and do they represent ALL supporters of Aus Football to the lowest leagues?

Who do they speak for? Did they just start this in hope others would join and they have managed to get actual attention?

Basically, i would just like to know more info.

Again sorry to post it here. @Jubal1

Nothing to do with us, they keep popping up whenever there’s a chance to make themselves seem relevant


That’s exactly what i was trying to find out. Hope they don’t fuck it up for everyone.

They’re a non-aligned ‘independent’ supporters group, they generally draw members from non-active groups. They’re trying to create a voice for all fans. I’ve had some conversations with some of the people involved and their intentions are good, about 1000 members all told. They don’t really engage with active supporter groups or the fan rep groups that came out of the finals debacle. There is some membership overlap with those fan groups and FSAA but not enough to give them genuine cross-club influence.

I don’t mind how they go about things, I find them a bit naive in their dealings with those in power, mostly due to a lack of experienced people (That’s not a slight, just a fact) and yes, they put out torturously badly composed communications about every issue, which I guess is how you develop a group like that. Their biggest issue is that they lack a mandate, with about 1000 members across all clubs and Socceroos supporters, I don’t think they’ve hit critical mass and won’t for a while, so clubs and the APL / FA don’t really see them as a stakeholder yet IMO.

They do interact with overseas counterparts and I know they’ve met with senior UK supporter group people which is a good thing.

I’m a member.


Basically exactly how i imagined.

I cringe when media interact with them, i’ve heard a podcast with Will Thompson, if my memory serves me right, on Simon and Alex’s SEN show. And social media , mainly twitter, communications.

I’m glad someone is trying to do something. But Fan support groups are as dislocated as the state federations.

I’m happy you are in there in someway, it’s a hard task to unite. We live in hope. Thank you.

I take an interest in what they do but given I’ve chosen not to get involved, I’m not in a position to be critical. What they’re doing is damn near impossible, and I have zero interest in being anything other than a spectator.

I knew you’re observing.

I have a proposition for you, call me or text me. Different to this.

I’m a happily married man I’ll have you know :wink:

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Just a little trip together.

If we start of poorly just take a man off & play with 10 it seems to work.


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I’ll be optimistic with our chances. We’ll go down fighting 2-1, but Kosta Barbarouses will score the winner in the 90th.

I know it’s been covered before, but, where would people go for a beer in Wellington?

You’ll need somewhere with a P+ subscription too, given the game is at Eden Park in Auckland. :wink:

I’m not here for the game