Round 21 - Western Sydney vs Sydney FC - 1/5/21

We need to step our game up here

They will lift, the derbies are their finals games.

Expecting a draw or loss.


Peaches and French bread

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I don’t see how we need to bring in Brioche into this conversation?

You need some sweet bread

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Yeah ever since Ange signed him from Nürnberg he’s all anyone will talk about. It’s getting pretty tiring.


Dorrans currently sitting atop the most yellow cards list with 9 for the season. Would not at all be surprised if he hits double figures this weekend.

Predicting either a cynical late challenge on Brattan, or a drag back on Kosta making a break on the counter-attack from a silky ABJ through ball.

Is he on 8 or 9? If it’s 8 then he misses the derby?

Brattan meanwhile, has been sitting on 4 Yellows since round 7, and if he lasts 2 more games without one will get clemency from a accumulation suspension. #Mock

These lucky cunts will get no doubt get a draw at a minimum from this. They somehow always do lately.

Ultimate A-League has him on 8, but the A-League site stats page has him on 9

(and surprise surprise, look who tops the team list for most cards…)

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Right you are, sorry. He didn’t get one last match and I thought he did.

He’ll get it for a cynical and unwarranted hack on king Milos

Can we please stop calling them western Sydney?

It’s western suburbs. Small mentality for a small club.


I thought they were north west suburbs?

I’m so confident for this game that even if Scott McDonald scores three times the number of goals as he has for the national team we will probably still get a draw out of this.


Looking at ticketek, seems plenty of seats still available. Can get 10 tickets in most sections.

That’s a bit disappointing. Less than 22k-ish would be a pretty poor result as I don’t think we can blame COVID anymore.

0-0 then?

Yeah, don’t think Covid is much of a consideration for most anymore. There’s the eternal marketing issues which the clubs haven’t been able to solve yet, and them being shit and fans being bandwagoners hasn’t helped.

But I really think the new stadium that was supposed to fix their club and offer a superb experience has also failed to deliver, and if anything been counter-productive. There’s no more FOMO like there was with limited capacity at their old digs so people are free to pick and choose which games they can be arsed going to. Average crowds at Bankwest have been consistently ordinary and lower than what they pulled at the old stadium (even pre-Covid).

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Management, players and coaches all have a lot to answer for with their lack of on-field success but having said that, I agree with all your points.

I’m not sure we are bringing as many as we should be, either.

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Whole top tier is basically ‘10 tickets available’. Hard to say but unlikely much of it has sold, but my tip is a 15k crowd. Anything less than 20k is a pretty bad look for them (and unfortunately the league). Our 15k at the olympic stadium was semi-acceptable given it’s not even our home ground and there was still a fair bit of covid fear around at the time (including a ban on active support).