Round 22 - Sydney FC vs Western United - 1/4/23

I guess we’ll be the real April Fools for watching this.

Obviously must win if we want to stay in the six.

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Serious question - do we want to stay in the six?

The top six, or the bottom six?

Either way, we’re in the 6.


Either way we are getting a home Grand Final so just like Parker Lewis, we can’t lose!


Delete this thread, I had forgotten the game was on and was living in bliss.


As an aside, did anyone else think Parker Lewis was an unjustifiably smug twat who desperately needed a very visceral attitude readjustment.

The only thing I remember about that show is that it was Kubiac who taught me about the courtesy flush. If only we could do the same with this season.

As much as people are pissing on Corica and the last (nearly) two seasons, I’d like to see the players demonstrate they actually have a pulse during this game. They should not be spared from the absolute tripe that was served up last time out. There were some pitiful “efforts” and they need to show they’re willing to fight for the jersey and the club.

Yeah, but I recall enjoying the show.

Can Diamanti score another one like he did in Hobart? That’d make the dross worthwhile tuning in for.

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A clean sheet would be nice.

Compared to WU we’ve won more games this season, scored more goals, conceded less goals, and picked up more points.

As average as we’ve been, they’re worse.

Hoping to see a convincing win to mark Grant’s 300th appearance for our club with a win.

Burgess is back for this game. The question is, where do we play him? I think he really should start in the middle. Probably Retre back to the bench after last game. Leave the starting front three down to a choice between Mak, Lolley, Segecic and Kucharski.

I think I heard that Retre got his fifth yellow… if so, made the choice easy


ALF potentially back this weekend too.

In Pog form?


As the kids would say let’s hope he’s in poggers form.

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Can one achieve pog form in 20 minutes? As I don’t see him starting straight after returning from injury.

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I beg for:

Mak - Kucharski - Lolley

Brattan - Segecic - Girdwood-Reich

Cabello - Rodwell - Wilkinson - Grant



Sydney FC squad: 1. Andrew REDMAYNE (GK), 2. James DONACHIE, 3. Joel KING, 4. Alex WILKINSON ©, 6. Jack RODWELL, 9. Adam LE FONDRE, 10. Joe LOLLEY, 11. Robert MAK, 12. Pat WOOD, 17. Anthony CACERES, 18. Diego CABALLO, 19. Adrian SEGECIC, 20. Thomas HEWARD-BELLE (GK), 22. Max BURGESS, 23. Rhyan GRANT, 25. Jaiden KUCHARSKI, 26. Luke BRATTAN, 28. Jake GIRDWOOD-REICH, 29. Aaron GURD, 32. Matthew SCARCELLA.

(2-4 to be omitted)

Ins: 9. Adam LE FONDRE (return from injury), 22. Max BURGESS (return from suspension), 32. Matthew SCARCELLA (promoted).

Outs: 8. Paulo RETRE (suspended).

Unavailable: 21. Alex PARSONS (injured).

Match Details

Sydney FC v Western United
Isuzu UTE A-League Round 22
Saturday 1st April 2023
Allianz Stadium, Sydney, NSW
Kick Off: 7:45pm AEDT
Gates Open: 4:45pm AEDT
Broadcast Live: Paramount+ & 10Bold
Tickets: Click Here

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