Round 22 - Western United vs Sydney FC - 15/05/21

It looks like this game is at checks notes 2:35 in Ballarat. It’s like the league doesn’t even want people to watch.


AM or PM?


Hoping they are on some weird Mexican time zone down there. Seriously WTF?

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Well we did look an awful lot like Macarthur in those white shirts, might be for the best.

Anyone going to this?

What’s a Ballarat?

think its a rat in a ball?

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I, for one, will be down there for this one.
Hopefully the team can get out of first gear!!

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Luke Wilkshire.


0-0 draw

It’s my birthday, sort it out. :tada:

there is a game on?

They will park the bus and annoy the hell out of us

Hoping to see Alfie late in the second half, but not holding my breath.

Bakers dozen of baguettes and a kilo of peaches for this one.

They’ve been atrocious in their last 2 games. We’re going to lose 1-0.


But will we win xG? Thats what really counts

Fuck modern football and it’s xG.
In the event of a draw the team with the most corners wins!

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Against Perth it seemed as though they were using Popa-type tactics to constantly foul to break up play. I can see that working well against us so I’m not confident. Although conversely Perth showed that it is possible to put Diamanti off his game with a young-un providing the niggle.

  • they are in terrible form
  • Diamante/Berisha played game last night in Perth, they will be tired.
  • they have had to travel a lot as a team in past week with minimal rest/recovery
  • we have had full week off
  • other results almost perfectly going our way.

0-0 draw