Round 23 - Sydney FC vs Melbourne - 19/05/21

Stick the boot in

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Seen a few news stories today confirming what was already suspected, Melbourne is officially the syphilis capital of Australia.

FTT (metaphorically, not literally).



$6 hill tickets or whatever it is, Victory or not the midweek games are crowd killers, so it’s good to see them doing something to boost it.

Would love to see Alfie get the second 45 and bang in a few more to get his eye before the finals

Sydney FC squad:
1.Andrew REDMAYNE (gk), 3.Ben WARLAND, 4.Alex WILKINSON (c), 5.Alex BAUMJOHANN, 6.Ryan McGOWAN, 8.Paulo RETRE, 9.BOBÔ, 10.Milos NINKOVIC, 11.Kosta BARBAROUSES, 12.Trent BUHAGIAR, 16.Joel KING, 17.Anthony CACERES, 18.Luke IVANOVIC, 21.Harry VAN der SAAG, 23.Rhyan GRANT, 26.Luke BRATTAN, 30.Adam PAVLESIC (gk), 32.Patrick YAZBEK, 33.Pat WOOD, 99.Adam LE FONDRE.

2-4 to be omitted

18.Luke IVANOVIC (promoted), 32.Patrick YAZBEK (promoted).


7.Michael ZULLO (calf), 19.Chris ZUVELA (knee), 20.Tom HEWARD-BELLE (gk) (ankle), 28.Calem NIEUWENHOF (back)

At least they have stopped listing the number of weeks they are going to be missing

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Fingers crossed Brattan is good to go. Copped a kicking late on against WU (for which Sanchez should’ve had a second yellow, mind).

we’re gonna get ass blasted

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Might be saved for Sunday.

Shit 1-0 on the cards tonight. We’re gonna shit house our way to the grand final win.

I expect 15 shots on goal, 12 corners and 1 goal scored.

Or something to that effect

I’m just going to start crying now.

As the resident footballing psychic (channeling Paul the Octopus), I again predict either a Sydney FC win, a Melbourne win or potential a draw between the affor mentioned teams.


Well the joke will be on you if it gets rained out!

Also, happy Panenkaversary everyone.



Watching that panenka again even if Redders had dived it may well have hit the bar.

Love how Redders kicks the shit out of it after the catch. Get that crap outta here!!!

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He’s a big fan of the FIFA “Say No To Racism” campaign


it is up there with Boltons shrug after the clank


There’s a shot from the boom camera behind the goal as Reza is stepping forward to take the next one, if you look closely you can see that ball in its final resting place next to the corner flag up the far end. :rofl:


Looks like tickets have been selling well for this, half price hill offer also applied to all GA seated areas so hopefully we’re boosted a bit by the GA turnout.

Will be great to get some momentum going into the finals, but 3 points at this stage is all that matters.

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