Round 24 - Newcastle vs Sydney FC - 7/4/24

Newcastle are winless in 9 matches so just like Perth this is one that we should win on paper. A flight back and forth from Perth midweek and playing against a team that has had a full week between fixtures does worry me a bit though.

If we don’t win this, we don’t deserve to be in the finals.

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una baguette de préssec

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If Talay doesn’t change the starting team (outside of JGR) I think we’re a real risk of falling off the cliff physically in the second half and losing the game as a result.

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Getting serious vibes of that match in Newcastle which could have been called off due to Newcastle’s entire squad coming down with COVID and their youth team pumped us. We should have won with our eyes closed.

Archie Goodwin reall epitomised the peach baguette.

You’d have the think he’d be thinking about managing the load going into the finals…

'n perske baguette

Apropos of nothing. I’ve never seen that pie place across the road open.

We’re a machine.


Unless there’s a red card that only a Sydney player can get, then 1-1.

Jack Rodwell will get 2 yellows for simulation.

Only to discover post-game he’s done an ACL, thrown his back out and come down with a bad case of the mumps.


fucking anti-vaxers.

Does anyone think there is a chance they postpone this match?

Worst of the rain should be over tonight apparently, think it’ll probably be alright for Sunday even if the drainage up there isn’t the best.


There’s a lot more chance of the Stigma’s game tonight getting postponed than ours.

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stigma BALLS!


1-1 and a final goodbye to the Jets.

Watching the Knights game now, this game is either getting canned or going to be an absolute shitfight

The pitch is going to be worse than after the monster trucks have gone over it

It looks terrible for the NRL