Round 24 - Sydney FC vs Melbourne - 6/4/19

Arguably the most important game in our run-in, this is likely to determine who finishes second.

I’m already nervous and not feeling good about our chances.

EDIT: Preview is up on the front page:

I’m the opposite, I’m completely unjustifiably overconfident.


Can we take a loss here and beat them in the semi?


Biggest regular season game in a few years for us? Will be big in terms of deciding 1st and 2nd.

Obviously we’re gonna get arse blasted but a lot of players back from injury (only Warland out atm?) and in some decent form out of the last stages of the Roar game.

FTT bring it on,Siem with a hatrick of no look sausage rolls.


Flying down for this game, can’t wait

this is gonna be my boyfriends 1st game.
alotta people hate the scg but i can’t wait to be back in moorepark

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The FFA have dropped the ball again, this game should’ve been scheduled for 2 weeks time.

East Sydney vs East Melbourne - The Battle for the East(er)

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While I’m not confident of the result, I’ll be there singing my fucking lungs out.

The atmosphere of the first Sydney derby @ SCG in October (the one where Babbel copped a red card) was pumping.

~30k crowd; huge tifo draped over the cove; a bit of music by the Rubens; the noise of ~20k sky blue fans singing in the tunnels under the stands on our way out.

Oh, and the bit where we won 2-0.

I’m hoping we can replicate that again for this Big Blue. The first Big Blue had no trouble packing out Jubilee stadium, and the stakes are much higher this time around.

Everyone and your grandmas: get your arses down to Moore Park on Saturday night and sing for our team.


First off, welcome. Great first post.

Secondly, I’m sceptical about the crowd numbers for this one. Even though the ground will be moved closer to the sightlines and the game matters a lot, I’m still not 100% sure people want to watch football at that ground. Still, the Cove will hopefully be buzzing given how good it was at the last SCG game.

It was pretty horrible for the Derby up in the new stand at the SCG. As nice and comfortable as that was, it was so remote from the field as not feeling like you were really there. Hardly the best stage where the venom is an important part of things.
Is there a PAX or has anyone heard an estimate of how many we’re expecting? I’d be chuffed to get 20k.

I’m with Rory here. The placement of Cove Heights members up in that far nosebleed section of SCG was a huge fail for the club. I actually don’t think we could have been further from the pitch unless we watched it from the roof of Allianz.

Can I please have some tissues to shove up my nosel cavities.

And some opera gl … fuck that.

Can I have some mill spec spotter bino please.

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Let the blasting of the asses commence

Footballing equivalent of a colonic irrigation?

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I can’t see us getting any better than a point. Victory seem to be much better at grinding out results, and they’ve had the upper hand on us mentally since that fateful semi.

We’ve been incredibly unlucky in the last 3 losses, all close games. Denied a cast iron penno against Sthimmo before Antonis’ redemption, and deserved at least a draw in both games so far this season.

Law of averages = Sydney win. FTT.

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Law of averages is getting back at us after that run of 6 wins + GF we had over them. We were lucky a few times there, but we had big game beasts such as Super Dave and Holosko who knew how to hurt them when it mattered.