Round 25 - Brisbane vs Sydney FC - 24/4/23

Yep classic Monday night game.

If we win here it’s going to be hard for us to be overhauled for sixth place, so it should give us a great shout for a finals position. If we lose here though there’s a real chance it all comes down to a final game against Newy.

Reminds me of…

Vitja’s final home game in charge.

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Monday night in Brisbane. Where else would ya rather be*

*Yes. That was sarcasm.

Off topic… how does the finals format unfold? What place plays who? Is there a chance we could face off with the westies?

3 v 6, 4 v 5, in a single leg.

Then 1 v lowest ranked qualifier and 2 v highest ranked qualifier over two legs.

Then grand final.

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Any idea where the grand final will be played?


If it’s Nix vs Mel C, then Leichhardt Oval.

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I didn’t know Sporty Spice was coming out of retirement.


The scouse accent by default made her the most attractive of those clothes horses.

I’ve got a couple of tix to spare, if anyone’s in need.

To the Spice Girls???

Yeah I’ll take the Spice Girls tickets if still available.

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I assume they’re waiting to see if the Wanderers and/or Mariners qualify for it or not. I’m guessing Stadium Australia for both, SFS for one or the other and WS for neither (So, yes, I think if the Wanderers make it to the GF, it won’t be at WS Stadium).

Although, come to think of it, that means all those three stadiums are booked out for the 27th of May, which is insane.

Cook Park*

The grand final will be at comm bank regardless of who is playing

So even a Sydney derby GF would be at Parra?

I’d be surprised if they didn’t try to move it to Homebush, if it eventuated.

If we lose tomorrow, and Newcastle and Western United win today, that’s 4 teams locked at 32points going into the last round, goal difference may even decide our fate, how sad it’s probably going to come down to that

At least we’ll know by the time we play on Mon. Wanderers did us a favour Fri night with the big win against Wellington, so we’ve got the best GD at present.

Equally if City and CCM win (done and done) and Adelaide get a point (done 4-4), we might only need a point against Brisbane to guarantee a finals spot.

(Updated for games to Sun night)

'# Team Pts GD Games (Pos H/A)
5. Syd. 32 -3 Bri (11 A) Newc (8 H)
6. Well. 32 -7. ----------- Mac (12 A)
7. Perth 29 -9 ----------- WU (9 H) - can’t overtake SFC
8. New 29 -13 ----------- Syd (5 A). - practically out
9. WUn 29 -14 ---------- Perth (7 A) - practically out
10. MV 28 -4 ------------ Bris (11 H) - out
11. Bris. 27 -6 Syd (5 H) MV (10 A)
12. Mac. 26 -16 ---------- Well (6 H) - out

Why the fuck are we playing on a monday night?

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