Round 25 - Sydney FC vs Western Sydney - 13/4/24

So a couple of things: Mak misses the game with the red card and, in reaction to the RBB shit at the previous derby, entrance to the Cove now requires a wristband.

Yeah, but who is going to cop a red card in the first half for something someone else, in an other game, on another team also did but way worse?

I think it’s Holman that will cop it this week. At about the 23rd minute.


Also, Olyroos are missing from both sides.

They will be missing Brook and Milanovic.

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Oh yeah I thought that was the following game. We’re fucked.

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Brattan’s overdue a red card.

He’ll go studs up into the back of bang average around about the 15 minute mark, and depart the field to a raucous standing ovation, whilst bang average departs the field on a stretcher.

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Maybe, but Brook and Milanovic are big outs for them.

Possibly bigger than JGR and JCP.

I would assume their end would have similar conditions, if not more severe.

Just win


Given that their boycott (flounce '24) is still in force, it’s not going to mean much.

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I don’t think I’ve ever been less excited for a derby than I have for this one.

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Same, but I’ll be fired up for gameday. As dubious as the rest of our reds were this season none have deflated me about the state of the game than Mak’s. And don’t get me wrong it’s not just me crying about one bad call, but his red but it seemed to sum up the past few years where it feels like we’ve lost the game to VAR/officiating that had built up to that moment.

Anyway, like I said I will be fired up by Saturday. Agree with what was said above that Brooks and Milanovic are actually huge outs for them, they are their equal highest goal scorers with 8 each.

Because of Mak’s red card?

I would say not so much the Red Card, but the inevitable feeling that has become almost normal that what should be an entertaining spectacle of profession athleticism will be ruined due to the incompetencies that are becoming more and more regular by the supposedly professional refereeing panel.

That, and it’s almost guaranteed that Faghani will be officiating in the middle of the field.


The great irony is that as annoying as he is at times, at least you’ll get an almost certainty of how Faghani will referee the game.



With great incompetence and then when he realizes he’s losing control, a flurry of yellow cards.


Damn, that sucks.

FWIW I know I gotta be careful with that kind of thinking.

You start seeing everything through the lens that Aleague reffing is all horrible, you start disagreeing with everything the ref does - it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

The reffing can be frustrating - and I hate VARs guts - but the bad decisions are fairly evenly distributed, id say? It works out in the wash.

Yeah we can hack and kick the opposition without even attempting to play the ball and not get carded, but just have to be careful with backchat and foul throws.

What a circus.

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The greater irony is that Mak would never have been sent off if Faghani was refereeing us in Newcastle because you can be certain he’d have inserted himself between Bobby and Cancar within milliseconds to keep up his authoritarian charade.

I take it Sapsford pops up again to score a goal.