Round 26 - Brisbane vs Sydney FC - 10/5/22

Last game before we can fuck this season off.

Hopefully we just play a few of our youth players here. Give Segecic a start etc.


If we don’t play the kids I will not be watching.


Can we not invoke a mercy rule?


next goal wins?

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Our own interest aside, it’s incredibly disappointing that what 2 months ago looked like a really exciting season in general with nearly every side in contention for the finals petered out to basically a final 2-3 meaningless weeks - apart from the plate.

The league could do with a proper battle for finals and it keeps failing to materialise year after year.

The games being played at weird times has made this seem worse as well. E.g. we were knocked out by a Thursday night game. Even if we were in it, this would be a Tuesday night game for a place in the finals. It’s all just too spread out, and with teams having played different games I think the table looked closer than it really was.

Even if we were still in the finals race and this was a home game, would there be that much anticipation for a Tuesday night game in the rain at Kogarah? Crowd would be 2,000. This season just needs to die gracefully.

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There probably has been in recent years but we just weren’t able to see it from our lofty perch in the top two.

A clear top 6 and bottom 6 this season though.

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And City will be playing for the plate on a Monday night.

If we win we will overtake the bulls to be the best Sydney team despite everything


Completely nothing game, but we’re in Brisbane for my mum’s birthday (which is tomorrow) and we’ve never been to Kippa-Ring, so, why not? Probably the last time we’re seeing a lot of the old favourites.

I’d laugh so hard if the shittest Sky Blue side in years is still the highest finishing Sydney-based club. Have been since, what, the 15/16 season?

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Also, it’ll be a celebration of this season being over!

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Shit load of rain predicted for this one. I’m giving it a miss.

This is the first game I’m actually interested in in weeks.

How we line up will speak volumes.

I would suggest a single straight line as they walk out would be the most likely. However will need to confirm closer to the date whether they’ll be required to hold hands

I mean, we’ve got to start somewhere.

It’s this lack of tactical flexibility that has been at the root of our issues this year, the 1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 lineup is too predictable, we need to mix it up.

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your other options are a 1-2-2-2-2-2 formation. If you suggest a 2-3-3-3 it would be heavily dependent of the width of the tunnel

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Can we bring back Rado’s doughnut?

What about Miron’s lizard formation?