Round 26 - Brisbane vs Sydney FC - 5/6/21

A 3pm dead rubber (for us at least) with us missing some key players and Brisbane coming off a mid week game. I’m sure this will be memorable


ORIGIN! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Yeah, nah, still don’t care about Brisbane.


Are we likely to have a week off in the finals, or would it just be a half week? I’m assuming we’ll keep a pretty much strongest line up to preserve the momentum, given its just 2 games max after that.

I hope Brisbane wear maroon. Fuck yeah

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Gladys > Palachook. There’s a Origin ‘rivalry’ tagline.

Give the entire team a rest & play the entire NPL youth team because why not.

There’s going to have to be either the preliminary finals or the semi finals mid week iirc, but they haven’t announced when these will be played. I’d assume semi finals will be mid week.

Gladys wins by a nose


Surely we rest at least Brattan (on 7 yellows) and Ninko

Just go for

Pavlesic (first 45 THB second 45)
VDS Flottman Warland King
Retre Yazbek
Swibel Caceres Ivanovic

Bench with Ninko Bobo and ALF and we should be fine

Preliminary finals?
Is it 2008?

I think King will get a rest worth Warland coming in at LB. Flottmann will partner Wilko in the middle of defence.
Retre and Caceres will be the midfielders, no way we risk Bratten getting his 8th yellow.
The front 4 will be. ABJ providing he’s fit, Alfie for 60 minutes, Wood and Bernie.

Surely Warland will partner Wilko to start building a relationship…

It would be fun to see Wood and Alf start.

It would be fun to see Wood and Alf start.

At CB? That would really be taking the piss

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Start Pavlesic… at CF

I think the second suspension comes after 9 yellows. At least it did last season.

I always knew it as 5 yellows, then 8 yellows in a regular season. They don’t carry across to finals, so the card count is reset. If a player accumulates 3 cards in a finals series then they are suspended for the next A League game (i.e. first round of the next season).

Ah sorry, yes you’re right. I counted 9 before Brattan’s second suspension last season, but I accidentally counted one from the ACL.

The club put out an article about it being his 50th league appearance for us this weekend, which made me think they were planning to play him.

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Disappointing excess of first team. Need more van der Saag Ivanovic Wood Swibel starting