Round 26 - Macarthur vs Sydney FC - 20/4/24

What a comedown from the derby.

Nevertheless there’s a decent chance that this game against Macarthur is a bit of a preview of the first week of finals given how close we are on the table.

Hey this could technically, if we tried really hard be described as a derby as well

FMD. It’s Wednesday already?

Get back to me Friday. I may care about this fixture.

lol. No I won’t. It’s no derby. It’s kinda that old baseball cap with the ripped brim that you wear in the garden.

Or maybe that slighltly better one you put on for lunch in the beer garden with the inlaws.


If going by public transport

What time is kick off?

Pretty sure it’s 7.45pm

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That’s a fucking 3 hour trip each way, not fucking happening.

I think we’ve won more games there than they have.3-2 for us.

The greatest thing about having Macarthur in the league, is it’s a 10 minute drive for me. :sunglasses:

The trip from Central to Glenfield is 40 minutes (if you get the limited stops Macarthur via Airport & East Hills service, can’t see why that won’t be running).

The bus from Glenfield Station will take no more than 15 - 20 minutes tops, as it’ll essentially follow the N30 night bus route, and not the local routes that go to Campbelltown. So with a bit of waiting time for a bus/train, it’s not more than an hour and a half tops each way. Which is basically my normal commute to and from our home games. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a few buses that go from Glenfield → Leumeah directly with the game on.

You can find the rail replacement bus time table here: Line Route 11T8 - Train Replacement Bus Services - Bus Schedules | Moovit (

They run pretty frequently.


The APL, P+/10 try really hard to manufacture this as a derby.

At best it’s a local rivalry. Aside from them poaching one or two of our players, and some tight contests here and there, there’s nothing to call this a derby.

There’s no historical arguments between the club, there’s no real tension, there’s nothing that stands out between us and them for this to be labelled as such.

We have more rivalry with Central Coast Mariners, and that would be closer to a derby. For the 8-9 years of the league, they were the closest thing to a derby. In fact I consider our games against the Mariners to be a derby. We have the historical, geographical rivalry, players going each way and causing controversy, and a reletively genuine dislike between the two sets of supporters (I mean I don’t hate the Mariners, I’ve quite a soft spot for them), however it’s well-known that a lot of their supporter base dislike us generally.

So Macarthur - there’s room to build a potential derby but it’ll take time. No matter how hard the APL/broadcaster may try, you can’t manufacture a rivalry/derby. It’s gotta happen naturally.

I wouldn’t even consider the Wanderers - Macarthur game a derby. Again, it’s a rivalry, but it’s almost too far to be called a local derby. There’s 50kms between Campbelltown & Parramatta.


Hard to have a rivalry with something that barely exists.

I don’t know if we can win in Campbelltown without Pat Wood. He’s scored 4 goals from 3 games down there.

Give JK a fake mustache and call him Patwoodski.


How is that pronounced in Polish?


The Existence Rivalry.

We’ve got it, they want it.

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It takes me an hour to get to Central mate, I’m going by the google maps timetable

Fair. I have no idea where you live lol.

Really? I thought we got along with them quite fine. We spent the first 5 odd seasons drinking at each other’s pubs before games.

We got a huge connection between the Northern Spirit fans who went in each direction.

@dibo_returns ran the leagues a lot of cove people played in for years.

Sure, the most punches to the head in anyone fight I’ve ever received was in Gosford, but I don’t have any hate for CCM!

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Eh, maybe the wrong phrase. I don’t mean dislike in the sense that there’s dislike between us and Western fans, us and Australia’s Shame fans.

It’s a ‘friendly dislike’, if that can be a thing.

I quite like them. I love their stadium and have many fond memories of games there when I use to travel.

We’ve had some great games over the last 20 years and I’ve never begrudged them their successes.

I know no one in my football circle who dislikes them and I don’t know if anyone that posts on here dislikes them.

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