Round 26 - Macarthur vs Sydney FC - 20/4/24

My brother is a Mariners fan, fuck the Mariners!*

*in a lighthearted way

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The not a derby but technically is a derby

The “I cant believe its not a derby” derby.

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I know fuck all pubs have/show games on Paramount, but would anyone here know if there’s any dece venues to watch the game on Saturday within the CBD/inner city 'burbs?

(Am having an early dinner on Clarence Street & hope to direct our group to said venue afterwards.)

Give The Trinity in Surry Hills a buzz to see if they’re still showing. They did last season as one of the lads behind the bar was an SFC member, they had signs up advertising all our games live with sound.

Haven’t been through there this season en route to SFS so can’t confirm if they still do (even there your chances probably reduce when clashing with other codes on a Fri/Sat night).

Churchills has A league on. It’s on one of the big screens in the punter section

Cheers pub has paramount, just ask them tu put the game on in one of their TVs as by default they will all have NRL on.

Trinity no longer has paramount plus. Got burned thinking they still did earlier this season.

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At the moment its a kind of derby. But lets say in the next 10 years Macarthur go from strength to strength, and wanderers continue to fuck the proverbial dog, is it possible that this takes over as the main Sydney derby? Probably not, but is it possible?

It’s no derby.

It’s a baseball cap.

According to my Google map app it will take 2hr 56m to commute by public transport. Conversely it will take 1hr 47m to go to Sunday’s women’s game.

If you ignore all the waiting around in the airport, I could get to AAMI in about the same time.

Well, AI is not ready unless it knows something we don’t?


If Retre starts I’m walking


Alfie’s back. In AI form!


Wilkinsons back baby!

Lovely day for it

Sheesh these prices - bought tickets after the charity cup code expired.

Death to PennyTel.

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So whilst it may be pissing down in the inner city, Eastern suburbs and North Shore/Beaches, its dry as a bone out this way. It is windy as fuck however, and chilly. My cycle this morning was tough

Winds blowing Norwestly, so unless a front develops on the South Coast we’ll be fine.

Can we count this towards the 828/946?


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